Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tiffany on Breaking, Dating and Outing 'Good Kisser' Jonathan Knight

EXCLUSIVE: Eighties icon Tiffany just wants to forget all about that whole outing-a-New-Kid-on-the-Block scandal from this week, telling me she wants to "delete" the gaffe from her life. In case you missed it, the 'I Think We're Alone Now' singer told Bravo host Andy Cohen that Jonathan Knight of NKOTB "became gay" after they dated.

Since Jonathan has never revealed his sexuality, the comment caused an uproar with fans and Tiffany soon apologized. The classy New Kid forgave her instantly. Tiffany was a brick wall by the time I got to her, but she did dish a bit about her time with JK. For starters, they dated for two years and -- trust me -- weren't a couple of saints.

"Jon's a good kisser, just throwing it out there," Tiffany said of her ex-boyfriend, adding that they did "all kinds of things" during their relationship. "We talked, toured the world, it was great," she

Tiffany even talked about the first time she met Jonathan and the New Kids, when they auditioned to open for her (likely at one of her legendary mall concerts).

"They came backstage, five hot guys, and it was me and my girlfriend eating lunch," she recalled. "We shared an agent and they were like, 'We have this new group,' and they turned on the boombox and you know, I was like, 'Put them on right now!'"

Debbie Gibson, who teamed up with Tiff to make the amazingly titled movie 'Mega Python vs. Gatoroid,' wanted to stress the significant role her friend played in the lives of millions of screaming, NKOTB button-wearing girls back then.

"She helped launch them," Debbie said.

You see, folks, Tiffany may be responsible for outing Jonathan, but she also had a role in outing New Kids on the Block as one of the biggest pop acts of the 20th century! I'd say that's a fair trade.

As for dating fellow pop stars, that's another thing Debbie sees no problem with.

"It was very big in the '80s to date your opening act," she justified. "I dated a member of my Australian opening act!"

The 'Electric Youth' superstar even revealed to me that she also mingled with a famous boy-bander. "I briefly dated Howie D." of the Backstreet Boys.

► Stay tuned for my full chat with Tiffany and Debbie on their new movie and their advice for young stars like Miley Cyrus!

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