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Early 80's Pop star TIFFANY next to go to Country?

From The Huntsville Times

Tiffany, the pop star of the 1980s, going country?

It could happen.

"I've had success after 20 years, and my fans have really been supportive of my new music, but my heart is in country music," said Tiffany, who is performing Saturday night at Partners. "I started off in country music, mostly country rock.

"I enjoy playing with a full band and love Emmylou Harris, Rosanne Cash and Stevie Nicks. So it's a new pursuit for me, and I have some songs under my belt.

"Dance music has opened up a lot of doors for me, and that may be my fan base, but I think they're ready to see me in a new musical adventure."
Tiffany actually debuted in 1981 with country singer Jack Reeves and eventually sang on the same tours as George Jones and Jerry Lee Lewis. She is currently working with songwriters in Nashville and hopes to take some of her country songs on the road soon. In Huntsville, she will perform her "old-school '80s and high-energy dance stuff."

"Hopefully, I'll be able to get a (country) project together by the end of the year, either by funding it myself or looking at labels," Tiffany said.
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TIFFANY's nice review

Watch Concert: Picture of 80's teen queen Tiffany she was about I think 16 years old in that picture, autograph is from july 10th, 2009 during a concert at Universal Citywalk Hollywood. Biography In addition to scoring several big bubblegum pop hits in the late '80s, teen queen Tiffany also helped pave the way for the decade's ultimate (and most successful) teenybopper band, the New Kids on the Block. Born Tiffany Renee Darwish on October 2, 1971, in Oklahoma, Tiffany began singing at an early age, but it wasn't the light pop style that she would eventually become known for. The young singer started off performing country & western songs, eventually getting discovered by country music veterans Hoyt and Mae Axton during the early '80s, while performing at a country nightclub in Los Angeles. For the next few years, Tiffany appeared on TV (including an appearance on Ed McMahon's Star Search), continued to perform concerts (including opening a show for Jerry Lee Lewis and George Jones in Texas), and recorded several demos, in hope of landing a recording contract. In early 1986, Tiffany signed on with manager George Tobin, which would lead to problems later when it became known in that Tobin had "absolute control" over her career (since she was a minor at the time, Tiffany's mother signed for her, and later regretted having a divorce lawyer examine the papers instead of an entertainment lawyer). But Tobin did get the still-teenaged singer a recording contract with MCA, which issued Tiffany's self-titled debut in early 1987. The album was promoted initially by a concert tour of U.S. malls, but it wasn't until later in the year that the album began to catch on with the young pop audience, when MTV and radio latched on to a cover of "I Think We're Alone Now," which soon pushed the album to the number one spot on the Billboard album charts (and in less than year, was certified quadruple platinum). A follow-up single, "Could've Been," proved to be just as successful, as it peaked at the top spot of the Billboard singles chart. But despite Tiffany's runaway success, this period proved to be troubling personally, as her mother filed a missing person's report for the singer, while Tiffany in return filed for legal emancipation (although Tiffany's mother claimed to be concerned about Tobin's "exploitative treatment" of Tiffany, Tiffany decided to stand by Tobin's side). A cover of the Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There" (reworked as "I Saw Him Standing There") proved to be Tiffany's last major hit, peaking at number seven in the spring of 1988, as the singer gave the opening spot on a U.S. tour to a then-unknown teeny band, the New Kids on the Block (supposedly after the group auditioned for Tiffany backstage one night prior to a show). Tiffany's sophomore effort, 1988's Hold an Old Friend's Hand, was another hit (earning platinum certification), but didn't match the success of its predecessor, as it signaled that her audience was shifting their focus to other similarly styled bands (namely the New Kids on the Block). When her third release, New Inside, sunk from sight almost immediately after its release in 1990, it was clear that Tiffany's 15 minutes were up, as she faded from the public's view. Despite her much lower profile, Tiffany continued to issue albums on a sporadic basis, including 1993's Dreams Never Die, 2000's The Color of Silence, and 2007's Just Me (while a collection, Greatest Hits, was released in 1996). Tiffany's public profile increased slightly around the dawn of the 21st century, as the singer was the subject of an episode of VH1's Behind the Music series (in which she disclosed a reconciliation with her mother) and, probably biggest of all, she posed for a 2002 issue of Playboy magazine. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide Information provided by Macrovision Corporation © 2009. All Rights Reserved.
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TIFFANY - "SOMEDAY SOON" New Charity Single

This is the new single from TIFFANY called "SOMEDAY SOON".
Its a charity single that supports "Breast Cancer".
It was written by Shawn Winstian and hits close to home with many who will hear it.


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A Chat with Tiffany By Joshua O'Connell

When most people hear the name Tiffany, they probably get the visions of the 80s pop star, singing “I Think We’re Alone Now” in a mall.

Sure, take the easy way out.

For a group of fans that have stayed with her, they’ve witnessed an incredible reinvention of the former teen pop star since her late-80s run atop the charts. The Tiffany of 2009 isn’t doing the cheesy dance moves anymore, but is instead consistently putting out engaging music in various genres, focusing more on a songwriting approach (even moving to Nashville from California), and has been surprising this music reviewer for upwards of a decade now.

While Tiffany is no stranger to Connecticut, her return to the state for Hartford Pride is a welcome one, both for her fans and for Tiffany herself.

"I have never done Connecticut, so I’m really excited about it,” Tiffany said in a phone interview from Nashville. “You never have to twist my arm to come to Connecticut. I think it looks a lot like England. Some of the cities are named after English cities. It was one of the first places we went when my husband came to America, and we came to Connecticut quite often.

“I have great memories of Connecticut. The people there are warm. I do well with warm people. I think [Hartford Pride will] be off the hook.”

Tiffany began attending Pride events a few years ago, a natural outgrowth of her fans’ desires, but also the fact that the music took her there. “I had the ability to do a big TV show in England called ‘Hit Me Baby.’ I did a song called ‘Love Machine’ [originally sung by U.K. group Girls Aloud] there that was uptempo. That started a lot of e-mails that said, ‘We would really like to see you do a dance album.’

She continued, “I was working with producers. We started to write some stuff and it turned into this great project. I was heavily infl uenced by heavy European dance at the time. Just really had a good time doing the album. It was a different adventure for me. I wanted to give my fans what they really wanted.”

The challenge of bringing a band along also held up Tiffany’s ability to tour as much. “I think a lot of people wanted me to attend, but the music had to apply. Once I did 'Dust Off and Dance,' it was a changing event for me. I can do it to track, I don’t have to drag a whole band. That was brought on by my fans more than anything. They ride with me going down different projects.”
She added, “It was a great growing experience for me working with different producers and now to have a different dance life. Now I’ve worked with Dave Aude and Josh Harris. It’s opened me up to clubs and pride events and to have stuff on the charts is an awesome thrill for me.”
Indeed, Tiffany made the Billboard Club Play charts with “Higher,” 20 years after “I Think We’re Alone Now” made that chart. But while Tiffany enjoys the fun and light-hearted nature of dance music, she’s put a lot of her energy into evolving into a songwriter, and returning to her roots performing country, hinted at in tracks on her latest full-length CD, “Just Me,” on such gems as “Mind Candy” and “Hiding Behind the Face.”
“Those are the direction we’re going,” Tiffany said. “‘Hiding Behind the Face’ I wrote with Tim Feehan and is about L.A. and young stars. And it’s not what everyone things it is. They’re still searching and hiding behind beauty and skinnyness. But there’s a mess there. How long can you keep going on like that before you crash and burn? It’s very serious. I wanted to write something like that.

She continued, “That song ended up being more of a country kind of thing. That was cool. I loved the track. You kind of get started and go where the lyrics go. It’s always great where you see where these little babies take you. You sit down with someone, you have a title and it makes this huge transformation before your eyes and you have a song and go ‘wow.’

“I wanted to tell the fans again that this is the direction we’re going, a country/pop kind of direction. I got great responses from it.”

She also listens to fans feedback as the music evolves, taking cues if there’s something that may be off. “I love playing my stuff in front of fans and finding out what they think, taking their pulse. If I need to go in and adjust, if I was a little crazy… I admire their opinion.”

“Just Me” continues down the path of 2000 release “The Color of Silence,” which established the more intimate side of Tiffany. Where “The Color of Silence” was a rock-edged effort with clever songs as “Piss U Off” mixed with an interesting worldview on songs like “I’m Not Sleeping” and “Open My Eyes,” “Just Me” softens the sound a bit, mixing in a heavier country influence on some of the tracks, yet flows quite nicely from “Silence.” Both albums show Tiffany getting much more involved with the songwriting part of the process, and she proves to have a good ear for strong, sturdy material to record, such as the strong pop single “Feels Like Love.”

In between those two releases was the release of her fi rst dance-oriented album, “Dust Off and Dance,” which came out in 2005, and most recently Tiffany released a few dance singles, “Higher,” “Just Another Day,” and a song also called “Dust Off and Dance.”

Tiffany says that the most important aspect of her career at this point is whether she’s recording dance, country or pop music, the quality of the song is the most important thing to her. “I think sometimes it’s really hard for a dance album and have every track be great unless you’re going to work with mega producers with a mega budget,” she said. “I’m not going to mortgage my house. Been there, done that! [laughs] There are a lot of great people who are up and coming. They are great but don’t cost an arm and a leg.

“You have to be really choosy, really picky and the songs have to be amazing. It think we’ve been lucky with the songs that have come out like ‘Higher’ and ‘Just Another Day’ and the ‘Dust Off and Dance’ album. I’m a stickler about the songs. All of those songs I do now in my live show. I can take ‘Just Another Day’ and do it acoustically and it translates.”

She continued, “A song has to be a good song. You can take it and to whatever you want. I love Kylie Minogue, a lot of dance artists like that where the lyrics don’t matter. But there’s an image behind that. There’s a stage show behind that. I wouldn’t really be able to at this point in time do that. So it really comes down to the song.”

She added, “I think there’s room in the entertainment industry for ‘let me just sit down and sing to you’ singers. I think I probably fi t into that category the best.”

Being that she’s still new in the pride circuit, she’s touring a lot, but still has ground to cover. “I’m doing Hawaii [Pride]. That’s going to be really difficult! [laughs] That’s next month. There’s a couple of other ones in the works. I haven’t done Boston or New York. I did L.A. one year. I’m kind of working the rounds a little bit.”

Tiffany promises that her pride appearance will be upbeat music, fi tting with the celebratory mood of a pride event. “I do old school. I try to keep it uptempo. When you have pride events, they’re there to have a party. It’s hard to translate [the pop, rock and country leaning] songs without a band. It’s lacking something, it needs musicians there.

“I usually just do straightforward dance. It’s a perfect setting for it. That’s what dance music is meant to do. I’m very lucky that my stuff allows me to show I can sing. I have to do that and focus and show I can sing, but I keep the energy up but [the crowd is] ready to party, have a good time.”

If you’ve seen Tiffany at another event previously, she’s careful about that, and tries to shake things up. “My fans are really great. They hop on planes and fl y in from all over. They plan their vacations round me. If it sounds interesting they hop on planes and come down. It keeps it fresh for me."

She added, “If I know I’m going to see the same faces I try to give them a different show. If I know it’s the same songs, I’ll put something old school I haven’t done something in a long time or work up something new. Just try to make it a little different so it’s not like wow, it’s the same old thing.”

Tiffany, gracious and polite on the phone while chatting on her porch, only asked one request, for those coming out to the show or the later appearance at Chez Est that night: “I rely on my fans to come and bring the energy. I bring the music! [laughs]”

For Tiffany's tour schedule, visit, and to hear some of her latest music, visit her MySpace page.

By Joshua O'Connell
Entertainment Editor, Print/Web Designer

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Tiffany - Can't Stop A HeartBeat

明治マーブルチョコレート Tiffany

Nice Review from NewYork Time - Perfect Pop From Tiffany - Seriously

REOCRDINGS; Perfect Pop From Tiffany - Seriously
Published: Sunday, January 8, 1989

Seriousness has hit pop music big. Whether in the high-mindedness of Tracy Chapman or the industrial, mass-produced ditties of Tiffany, seriousness is the flavor of the day.

Tiffany's second album, ''Hold an Old Friend's Hand'' (MCA-6267; all three formats), has her looking longingly and adult-like out from the cover; the lyrics of the songs - none by her, and all about romance, not sex - are printed on the inside cover, as if they were worth scrutinizing like some newly found canto of Ezra Pound. All this for a 17-year-old California kid who has nothing to do with the writing of the music she performs. Nor does she play any instruments. Yet the presentation makes claims; the music is meant seem as if she had created it, as if it were a product of her innermost soul.

We'll be hearing Tiffany on the radio for some time to come, and who wrote or played or conceived her image is irrelevant, since it is the hologram of authorship that counts, along with the melodies and the beats and the textures of the music. ''Hold an Old Friend's Hand'' is flawless pop, easily remembered and repeated melodies that will give high-culturists Orwellian nightmares and the young masses plenty of pleasure.

Tiffany's music is not radically different from any of the mass-produced pop music of the last several decades, but her records have telling details. In their insistence on sobriety and love over ecstasy and lust, they perfectly capture the changed mood of young American culture. It is music so far removed from rock impulses that it could make the claim that the 60's (Tiffany was born in 1972), with all its social experimentation, never existed. The 80's, with shuddering economies and the fear of AIDS, have won out, at least for Tiffany.

''Hold an Old Friend's Hand'' follows in the footsteps of ''Tiffany,'' which sold over four million copies. When it came out in 1987, ''Tiffany'' joined a long list of records by young women singers - Debbie Gibson, Shanice Wilson, Lisa Lisa - who were second-generation versions of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. But where Madonna and Ms. Lauper made their mark creating their own images and managing their own careers, the second generation is the product of an industry reacting to fill the public's demand for women singers. Record companies set their producers working overtime to fill albums, and where Madonna and Ms. Lauper had an unusual set of icons to represent their personalities, the new crew fumbles along as predictable young-innocents-with-spunk.

There isn't a moment on ''Hold an Old Friend's Hand'' (which is essentially the work of Tiffany's producer, George Tobin) where the needs of the artist conflict with the needs of the record company. They are one and the same, and there isn't even a glint of the traditional tension between an artist's ideas and the record company's need to sell the music. Tiffany (whose last name is Darwisch) isn't at all resistant to the idea of stardom on a record company's terms; she works hard for her money. By 1987 she was singing 20-minute sets to pre-recorded tapes of her first album to audiences at malls across the country. Last year, she instigated a lawsuit to free herself of her mother's control in her business affairs.

In some senses, the record industry is a little like Detroit in its heyday, where the same cars, with a built-in obsolescence factor, were manipulated every year so as to have a different look on the same chassis: tail fins were just made a bit longer or shorter. Tiffany is an updated version of the sentimental pop singer best exemplified by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, to whom she has obviously listened; she often sounds very much like her.

In true 80's fashion the arrangements of the songs are all referential, and Mr. Tobin's constructs hint at original styles of music. It's institutional, international pop with muted dance music, muted ballads, muted country-pop and muted rock, all calculated to play with listeners' memories and sense of nostalgia.

It's music that projects no more specific sense of place than perhaps the Western world; it seems to have floated in on the ether and taken over. It is the type of music that will be found, if the record company does its job well, in small towns around the world. Teen-agers with no understanding of English will be pining to the sounds of her voice; young men will dream about her in all the languages of the world.

Tiffany's voice also seems referential. It's familiar; there's nothing alienating about her. And like all good singers, Tiffany has learned a score of tricks to show how emotional she is, regardless of the banality of the words - she sounds as if she means what she sings. She'll change her tone, moving from a three-pack-a-day, on-my-last-pint moan to a clear, girlish voice to a gospelish falsetto. Tiffany can sing; the tricks producers use to hide a singer's inabilities - multiple overdubbing, echo - are conspicuously absent.

Which brings us back to seriousness. Tiffany's material isn't simple dance music. It is equally mindless (which doesn't detract from its pleasure), but it has the air of topic to it, even if all the tunes are about love. And though she's singing as an adult there are still clues to which age market the record is aimed. On ''Walk Away While You Can,'' she sings, ''Better walk away while you can . . . you're still a young girl, he's almost a man . . . it feels so right when we're together boy . . . I'd like to give myself to you but I'm so confused.''

It is music made for a young market that increasingly respects a type of obvious seriousness and sentimentality. And underneath the facade of her earnestness, it is music that is meant to sell, music that changes its shape to please the demand. On the terms it sets for itself, it is perfect.

Photo of Tiffany (Janet Macoska/Star File)
A version of this review appeared in print on Sunday, January 8, 1989, on section 2 page 27 of the New York edition.

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Tiffany & Debbie Gibson - Nostalgie80 - Could've been (April 10, Quebec City)

Tiffany & Debbie Gibson - Nostalgie80 - Could've been (April 10, Quebec City)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful reunion for Tiffany

" Nostalgia 80 The show, which will run at the Coliseum in April, will provide
an opportunity for Tiffany to find an idol, a work colleague and a longtime

She who made her reputation with the tubes I Think We're Alone, and Could've
Been at the end of the decade 80, says she can not wait to share the stage with
Rick Astley, Samantha Fox and his "rival" of the time Debbie Gibson.

"I was very happy when I was approached for this show. I am a big fan of Rick
Astley. I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with him. I also
worked with Samantha Fox in the 80s. And Debbie and I are good friends, "says
one who will return with the city of Quebec, including that she had visited when
it traveled the globe with New Kids On The Block.

"This tour houses among my fondest memories of 80 years. I could go in different
countries and see people react to my music. It was wonderful. My dream come
true. I wanted to be a singer and it happens. I loved discovering new cultures,
talk to people, see other ways of doing things. "

Tiffany recorded her first album when she was older than 14 years. She was a
member of one of the first cohorts of teen idols. She does not believe she was
too young to make career.

"I think we never really ready, no matter whether you are aged 14 or 35 years.
The industry is completely insane, "says that, to promote her first album, had
entered a tour of shopping malls in the United States


Although she admits to having made mistakes, she says that they have made her
the artist she is today. Unlike other icons of 80 years, and after taking a
break to raise her son, Tiffany has returned to show business in the 2000s. She
has recorded several albums of dance music, taking part in TV shows and appeared
in films, commercials and television series.

I continue to evolve as an artist. I have projects in mind, there are several
things that I want to do. I am sure that projects will develop in a way that I
would not expected. You should just have an open mind. I live in Nashville,
Tennessee, where he yad'extraordinaires songwriters. My next project will be an
album (which will appear by the end of the year) of country influence, very
Bonnie Rait"

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Tiffany at TAO Nightclub

Tiffany 'I Worship The 80's' with hosted by 80's pop icon Tiffany at TAO Nightclub inside The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Tiffany - Radio romance

Tiffany - Here In My Heart

Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now TOTP

Tiffany - All This Time

tiffany is one of the best singers in the late 80's & his first hit single ALL THIS TIME is one of my favorite song

Silent Night Tiffany

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Song of the Day: Hydra Productions featuring Tiffany - "Dust Off and Dance"

Song of the Day: Hydra Productions featuring Tiffany - "Dust Off and Dance"

Eighties mall favorite Tiffany has been busy lately - pumping out club hit after club hit. The current run started with her Second Sun collaboration "He Said She Said" and continued with Billboard Club Chart hits "Higher" and "Just Another Day." Currently clumbing the club chart is her collaboration with Hyrdra Productions, "Dust Off and Dance." Tiffany sounds great and the subtle grooves build with each listen. The Planet Pop crew created a cartoon video which perfectly captures the vibe of the song. Check out our interview with Tiffany here and the video below

DJ Ron's Dance Music Blog
By DJ Ron Slomowicz, Guide to Dance Music since 2003

Tiffany Interview

Tiffany Interview
By DJ Ron Slomowicz,

Everybody loves Tiffany. Her hits "I Think We're Alone Now," "I Saw Him Standing There," and "Could've Been," launched from her infamous mall tour, became pop classics. After spending a couple of years in Nashville, releasing the critically acclaimed Color of Silence album, and a popular Playboy layout, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles and created "Dust Off and Dance" – the high energy dance album that her fans have been clamoring for.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Where are you today?
Tiffany: I'm in Minnesota today. I did Minnesota Gay Pride last night.
RS: That's awesome. So this month you're really busy doing a lot of touring?
Tiffany: I've been on the road for a month now and I don't really go back home until the end of July.

RS: Does this remind you at all of how you got your start in the malls?
Tiffany: It's really different. When I was doing the mall stuff I was going to school during the week and then flying out on the weekends, so there was a lot of flying, a lot of homework and a lot of not knowing if people were going to like me or not. It's a little nicer because I actually have my fans and people who know my music. I think I've gotten a little wiser and I'm traveling in an RV now. I've really always been a bus girl myself, going back to those country days when I was singing with Roy Atkinson, Mickey Gilley, and Johnny Lee. I've always been the person who knew that you could have the bus and the dogs and the family, everybody goes.

RS: I think that's one reason why a lot of people identify with you. You always seem really down to earth, like everyone's best friend when you're up there singing.
Tiffany: Thank you. Yes, I have fun out there. I think that's a lot of credit towards my family because my grandparents were very much like that, they knew all the neighbors and they'd sit out on the porch and drink their iced tea. If anybody would come by they'd say hello and they were always very loving people. Being raised like that and having my country music, I realized that it's a lot about just liking people and having a good time. When I got into the pop world, doing the mall tour, that was very much about being a people person. I loved that about the mall tour. With a lot of the tour performances I'm doing now, it kind of reminds me of it only because I'm not on a crazy time schedule and I can hang out with the fans afterwards and sign autographs. The audiences are big but they're not huge or you can't see anybody past the first few rows now. A lot of the shows I'm doing are outdoor venues and that's great because you can just see forever, the sea of people.

RS: Speaking about country, you're coming to Nashville this weekend to perform at Play.
Tiffany: Yes. It feels like I am coming home because I lived there for a couple of years. I feel like Nashville's a part of me and I have great friends there. I miss Nashville very much. Going back to California was just one of those things. My family was getting older and I had a few people pass on in my family so it kind of scares you and you want to be as close to family as possible. Living in Nashville, I learned so much from going to places like the Bluebird Café and watching writers and getting that whole learning experience. I always knew that I wanted to come back to Los Angeles and do a record and so that's kind of what I did. I think that I had to go outside of my comfort zone in LA and really learn from people out there, and definitely Nashville has it down when it comes to songwriting. I learned a lot there and then applied it to what I did when I got back to Los Angeles.

RS: Speaking of songwriting, you wrote most of the album Dust Off and Dance?
Tiffany: I did, and the Color of Silence album as well. I started writing for other people and collaborating with other writers for soundtracks and stuff like that because I really wanted to use my new craft. Then I was approached by a couple of producers from my past to do an album and I did the Color of Silence in 2000 and everything really worked out. We got great reviews and enjoy working together and we feel that the songs are solid, so it ended up that we ended up doing another album together. I went over to England touring and I loved the dance music there. I remembered being out on the dance floor when I was like nineteen/twenty and just having a good time.

Many people have asked me to do a dance album and I just really wasn't ready. I think you have to be a little lighthearted at the time and just really kind of believe in the music. I came back from England and I had kind of jettisoned a few layers there and it was just about having a good time. I thought that I could really sit down and write some fun dance songs.
RS: What was in your mind when you went in the studio and rerecorded I Think We're Alone Now for the album?
Tiffany: We had to do the track a little different, but did not want to take away from it and go so far out that people would go 'well, this is a whole different take on the song.' So we were kind of treading lightly a little bit in that situation. I was working with the Backroom Boys and they said to take a stab at singing it and we'll try to get this close to what the original record sounded like vocally. I started singing it and he kept looking through the glass at me and said to my husband - is she really singing or is this a playback? I sang the whole song through and he said 'I think it's done because you sang that dead on.' He said, 'you know that song, don't you' and I said 'yes, pretty much.'

RS: So who are the Backroom Boys?
Tiffany: The crew at Backroom Recording Studio - Tim C and everyone.

RS: You also worked with Second Sun, I saw you with them in Miami two years ago. How did you hook up with those guys?
Tiffany: I'm a fan, as was my assistant at the time, and he suggested that I try to do something with them. I was a bit shy to approach them because as a performer, I respect peoples' space. My assistant pushed me to set up a meeting and the Second Sun guys came right back and said yes. Working with them was amazing. I learned so much and I hope that we will continue to work together. They have really a long future ahead of them. I'm amazed at their shows, there's so much energy.

RS: I find it hard to believe that you're shy because I remember seeing you on stage with the singer from Second Sun and the two of you had such a chemistry going back and forth. When you're doing those kinds of shows as opposed to the shows you're doing now, do you get a different energy from the crowd because maybe they don't know about your history as much?
Tiffany: The crowd always makes it or breaks it really. Once I got to know the guys it was different, especially when writing "He Said She Said." We talked a lot about dating so we had already kind of started that chemistry a little bit. They're great guys and I look at them as like family now. When you're up there and you're performing you have to feel it, that's what we do when we're representing our song.

RS: Writing your own songs and having more control of your music, that is great. You're also taking more control of your career with the different websites. How do you think the internet's helping you or how have things changed from fifteen years ago when you first got started?
Tiffany: Well it's definitely different, the internet is a way to reach out to the fans and get response right away. Everything is so instant With my website, I have my merchandise there and everything like that. It's nice to be in big stores and stuff but for me, I found it easier just to have my merchandise on my website. I know what I'm selling and I know the orders that are coming in, and they actually are getting in to the hands of the fans. What was really frustrating with me going through a lot of smaller record companies with the Color of Silence, it was like we'd all sit in these meetings and decide on things and then my hands were tied, I was completely dependent on those people to make it happen. Unfortunately, a lot of things don't get done. For me it's been more pleasurable to just do it my self. It's a smaller scale but I know what's going on and I know what we can do and what we can't do. I'm learning as I go along more of the business I think than anything. The websites and the internet are my sounding boards, I would say.

RS: Which web page is officially yours where you contribute to?
Tiffany: I contribute to and the myspace page. It's hosted by a girl who's actually in England. We talk all the time and she has my full approval. I give her all my stuff and everything so she's my in the know girl.

RS: Has anyone come up to you at a gay club and said 'oh my God, I saw you at the mall, it's so cool to be seeing you again?'
Tiffany: Oh, all the time. I had a guy last night and he said, 'I'm seeing you tonight and I saw you when I was ten in New Jersey. You brought me up on stage because it was my birthday and you sang "Happy Birthday" to me.' He said that I hadn't aged, so I was like 'oh, I love you.'

RS: One last question, is there anything you'd like to say to all the fans out there?
Tiffany: Come to the show! I'm doing a show that's a little bit of old school, some of the new stuff and definitely popping in a few songs that I haven't done in years, since the first couple of tours. I'm really pumping up my show nowadays and every show is different, I feel the crowd's energy. If it's a Tiffany fan crowd, they might get a "Johnny Scott," "the Inside Mood," or "Hold an Old Friend's Hand." You never know.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tiffany Turned Jonathan Knight Gay!

You might want to push your dropped jaw off of your keyboard so you can write, "FUCK ME THRICE! I"M SHOCKED" about the news that Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block loves ze juicy cock in his mouth. I know, this bombshell shook me so hard that I think it turned me straight. But a quick glance at JcPenney's men's panty section will turn me gay again.

The news that everyone in the world and their glory hole partner knew about comes courtesy of one of Jonathan's ex-lovahs. Kyle Wilker sold his story and a couple of pictures to The National Enquirer (via Boy Culture). Kyle told the Enquirer, "We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me." Selling out an ex to the entire world is what true love is all about. I wonder why it didn't work? Must have been Jonathan's fault, because Kyle sounds like a perfect fucking peach. May cocks never get hard in his mouth again for pulling this shit!

Kyle said Jonathan realized he wanted dudes after dating Tiffany. Tiffany just didn't have the right her pants (GONG!). Well, listening to "Could've Been" does make your a-hole twitter a bit and fart glitter. So that's understandable. that we've gotten that out of the way. Who's next? My strong dollars are on Bryan from Color Me Badd. Those eyebrows cannot tell a lie.
Posted by: Michael K

Friday, February 6, 2009

Biography for Pop Superstar T i f f a n y

Biography for Pop Superstar

T i f f a n y

Some of the song’s Tiffany performs in her new show include:

“I Think We’re Alone Now” (Her #1 Billboard smash hit)

“Could’ve Been” (Her #1 Billboard hit)

“I Saw Him Standing Their” (Her #1 Billboard Hit)

“Fly” (a big dance hit from her recent dance CD)

“Be With You Tonight” (another huge hit from her dance CD)

“Higher” (Tiffany’s recent Billboard Dance Hit)

Pop icon, Tiffany, has been stirring things up again, at the top of the charts with her hot feel good dance smash called “Higher,” which features an amazing mix by famed remixed Josh Harris. She is currently on tour and has now decided to release 2 new dance songs called “Just Another Day”” and “Move Ya” which were produced by Dave Aude (Annie

Lennox fame) .

Needless to say the amazing response, has prompted Tiffany to start recording a full length “Dance” album, and continue to tour year round.

She also just filmed a starring role in an independent movie, stars in a new nationwide commercial with Meatloaf, guest starred on the CBS TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” She has also just signed on to star in 2 new reality shows (one is for CMT) filming in June and early July, just prior to the start of her summer tour.

The “I Think We’re Alone Now” Girl recently finished up a starring “role” in VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club where she ended up losing 30 pounds and got down to her Playboy weight. Needless to say it gathered her an avalanche of press from the cover of “In Touch” Magazine, radio to television show like the Tyra Banks show, Entertainment Tonight and the Insider TV shows.

Her new CD, “Just Me,” (which was recently released) on 10 Spot Records, (Universal Distribution) delivers a blend of pop and rock in a singer-songwriter style with a little country thrown into the mix. The first single and video from the album is the uptempo smash hit called “Feels Like Love.”

Tiffany began her career at the age of 13 when she signed her first recording contract with MCA. The self-titled debut album was released in 1987 and eventually went quadruple platinum. The innovative “Mall Tour” that followed proved to be the signature for Tiffany’s early career and was very effective in targeting her core audience of young teens making Tiffany the youngest female artist to debut at number one on the Billboard charts.

Tiffany produced three top ten hits, two of which were national and international #1 pop singles “Could’ve Been” and the celebrated “I Think We’re Alone Now.” The soon-to-be teen pop phenomenon, New Kids on the Block, got their big break as the opening act for her world tour. Tiffany released her second album, Hold An Old Friend’s Hand, which went double platinum and featured the top ten hit “All This Time.”

In addition to her ground breaking successful music career, Tiffany had the opportunity to be the voice of Judy Jetson in the feature version of the popular cartoon series, The Jetsons.

During the ‘90s, Tiffany released two more albums, New Inside and Dreams Never Die (released exclusively in Asia). To start off the new Millennium, she introduced what became known as her “comeback” album, The Color of Silence with stellar critical reviews including from Billboard: “The Color of Silence is one of the finest pop albums of 2000.”

In 2005 she independently released the club sensation, Dust Off and Dance, which spanned several dance-club hit’s (namely, Be With You Tonight and Fly) that her fans demand she perform in her “club show”.

Tiffany makes her home in Nashville with her husband of three years, her son Elijah, three dogs, two turtles and five fish. She enjoys cooking and preparing fine cuisine for her friends and family.

When she’s not busy with her rigorous workout routine, she’s a self-admitted designer shopaholic. Not bad for a local LA girl who just wanted to sing and went on to sell 16 million albums……

Tiffany's informations from this site....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hydra Productions featuring Tiffany..."Dust Off And Dance" ranked #1 at Billboard "Hot Dance Club Play"

Yeah !!!! I've got this message at TruetrueTiffany... from Shawn Winstian & Shane Condo that Hydra Productions featuring Tiffany..."Dust Off And Dance" ranked #1 here it is....

Hey guys !

Hydra Productions featuring Tiffany..."Dust Off And Dance" ranked #1 this week on Billboard Magazines "Breakouts For Hot/Dance Club Play".
Britney Spears "Circus" followed at #2

Thanks for all your support !

Shawn Winstian & Shane Condo
Hydra Productions

And Here is the Chart !!! ( Tiffany's at below page )

Billboard Chart
Hot Dance Club Play Issue Date: 1/17/2009

Rank C Title Artist Label/Dist Label Catalog

* 1 * 4
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Beyonce Music World/Columbia

* 2 * 5
Miles Away Madonna Warner Bros.

* 3 * 6
Human The Killers Island/IDJMG

* 4 * 8
Fame (The Game) Donna Summer Burgundy

* 5 * 7
We're The Pet Shop Boys Robbie Williams With Pet Shop Boys Chrysalis

6 * 1
I Hate This Part The Pussycat Dolls Interscope

7 3
Twisted (Got Me Goin' Round) Ultra Nate Silver Label/Tommy Boy

8 2
Magic Touch Robin Thicke Featuring Mary J. Blige Star Trak/Interscope

* 9 * 12
A Tiny Shoe Jimmy D. Robinson J Music

* 10 * 14
Keeps Gettin' Better Christina Aguilera RCA/RMG

* 11 * 18
Ooh Yeah Moby Mute

* 12 * 15
Eat You Up Boa SM

* 13 * 17
Joyful Sound Debby Holiday Nebula 9

* 14 * 26 G
If I Were A Boy Beyonce Music World/Columbia

* 15 * 19
What I Cannot Change LeAnn Rimes Curb

* 16 * 23
That's Not My Name The Ting Tings Columbia

17 10
The Greatest Michelle Williams Music World/Columbia

* 18 28
Never Kristine W Fly Again

* 19 * 31
I Stay In Love Mariah Carey Island/IDJMG

20 13
Womanizer Britney Spears Jive/Zomba

+++ *P 21 * 36 *** Power pick ***
Poker Face Lady GaGa Interscope

* 22 * 29
Sweat Erin Stevenson Dauman

+++ * 23 * 32
Away Enrique Iglesias Featuring Sean Garrett Interscope

24 21
Stuck To You Nikka Costa gofunkyourself!/Stax/CMG

25 9
Sandcastle Disco Solange Music World/Geffen/Interscope

26 24
So What Pink LaFace/Zomba

* 27 * 35
T-Shirt Shontelle SRP/SRC/Universal Motown

28 25
Juliet Of The Spirits The B-52s Astralwerks/Capitol

29 16
Underlying Feeling Sylvia Tosun Sea To Sun

30 30
Rock N Roll Train AC/DC Columbia

* 31 * 37
Time Will Never (Fade Me Away) Chris The Greek Panaghi DJG

* 32 * 38
Still Alive Lisa Miskovsky E.A.R.S./Nettwerk

33 11
Right Here (Departed) Brandy Koch/Epic

* 34 * 44
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (While A DJ Gave Me Trouble) Lula Kult

35 * 27
Good Time Celeda Ferosh

* 36 * 45
Everybody Rise Muriel Fowler U-Phonic

* 37 * 47
In A Song Bobby Blue Hades

38 22
Worked Up Brian Anthony Sogni

39 40 P
Hot N Cold Katy Perry Capitol

* 40 * 49
Promise You Deep Step Up In the Air

41 20
Green Light John Legend Featuring Andre 3000 G.O.O.D./Columbia

42 34
Wanna Be Beautiful Janice Grace Jaguar

*O 43 New *** Hot shot debut ***
Bring The Love Nicki Richards Nicki Richards

+++ * 44 * 50
Troublemaker Weezer DGC/

45 41
You Belong Hercules And Love Affair Mute

*N 46 New
Runaway Ladytron Nettwerk

*N 47 New
Roots Before Branches Room For Two Curb/Warner Bros.

48 33
I Can't Get No Sleep 2008 India Angel Eyes

*N 49 New
Never Enough Crystal Waters Strictly Rhythm

50 43
Electric Universe Jacinta Chunky

Breakouts For Hot Dance Club Play
Rank Title Artist Label/Dist Label
1 Dust Off And Dance Tiffany Dauman/
2 Circus Britney Spears Jive/Zomba
+++ 3 Wanna Be A DJ amberRose Marie Catz/
4 Right Now (Na Na Na) Akon Konvict/Upfront/SRC/Universal Motown
5 Superlover Labelle Verve/

* - Bullet, N - New add, *O - Hot shot debut, *P - Power pick, R - Re-entry, *R - Re-entry with bullet, *N - New add with bullet,

Friday, January 2, 2009

"Dust Off And Dance ": Hydra Productions ft. Tiffany Top 10 at EQ at NO 8

Hi Everyone,

I a die hard fan of TIFFANY -80'S Pop singer, Now she is still singing and make a wonderful music, now she turn to Dance Diva, Last year 2008 ,"Dust Off And Dance ": Hydra Productions ft. Tiffany Top 10 at EQ at NO 8....Please congratuation to Our Girl "TIFFANY" ,Hopfully she will make a song like this more and I'd love to hear if possible a new single called " Move Ya " soon....

A happy New Year 2009 ......TIFFANY !

Well it's officially the last day of 2008 and I finally got around to posting the EQ Top 200 songs of 2008. No rules - if we listened to it in 2008 with any degree of regularity then it's totally eligible for the list.

So without further ado...

Coming tomorrow - EQ's annual Top 10 moments.

Enjoy and see you in 2009!

1. Just Dance : Lady Gaga
2. Don’t Mess : Juvelen
3. More Man Than Man : Antigone
4. 3 Little Words : Frankmusik
5. How Many Words : Blake Lewis
6. Perfect Girl : The Ultrasonics
7. Black & Gold : Sam Sparro
8. Dust Off And Dance : Hydra Productions ft. Tiffany
9. Dream On : Christian Falk ft. Robyn
10. Breathing Your Love : Darin ft. Kat Deluna

11. Pocket : Sam Sparro
12. Unusual You : Britney Spears
13. Predator : Petros
14. See Through : Dean Lennon
15. Into The Nightlife : Cyndi Lauper
16. Come On Girl : Taio Cruz
17. Joy : Temposhark
18. I Lust U: Neon Neon
19. Speed Up : Funkerman
20. Funplex : The B-52s

21. Purple Heart : James Leon
22. One Touch : Doe Deere
23. Colour Me Dirty : Red Blooded Women
24. No End In Sight – Sam Sparro
25. Pulling At My Heartstrings : Thom Skinner
26. Lights And Music : Cut Copy
27. Lazerboy : Sergey ft. Timati
28. I Don’t Know How To Love Him : Sam Taylor
29. Yours Truly : As in RebekkaMaria
30. Big Girl Now : New Kids On The Block ft. Lady Gaga

31. Promiscuity : Antigone
32. Circus : Britney Spears
33. Strangers Again : Luigi Masi
34. Poker Face : Lady Gaga
35. Who’s That Girl : Robyn
36. Calling : Osvaldo Supino
37. Iconic : Madison
38. Girfriend : Sergey
39. Disco Bloodbath : Pandering & The Golddiggers
40. I’m Good I’m Gone : Lykki Li

41. Not Now But Soon : Imogen Heap
42. Trouble In Mind : The Gadsdens
43. Wall Kids : Winterpark
44. Electricity : Parralox
45. Movie Star : Roisin Murphy
46. Genie 2.0 : Christina Aguilera
47. Heartless : Kanye West
48. Blind : Hercules & Love Affair
49. The Sailor Song : The Gadsdens
50. Strangers : Christian George

51. 4 2Nite : Red Blooded Women
52. I Kissed A Girl : Katy Perry
53. A&E : Goldfrapp
54. Paparazzi : Lady Gaga
55. Boyfriend : Alphabeat
56. I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me : Annie
57. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) : Perry Farell
58. I Wanna Dance : Angela
59. Shakin That (Wideboys Mix) : KJ
60. Roadtrip : Darin

61. Buttons (CSS Remix) : Sia
62. One Night Stand : Thom Skinner
63. Shorty The Pimp: Naked Highway
64. We Got Some Breaking Up To Do : Private
65. Warriors : The Good Natured
66. Paris Is Burning : Ladyhawke
67. Love In Two : Starsmith
68. Sick : Sam Sparro
69. Mr. Right : The White Tie Affair
70. Allnighter : Naommon

71. Outta My Head : Ashlee Simpson
72. Got Ur Number: Nadia Oh
73. This Boy’s In Love : The Presets
74. Vanished : Crystal Castles
75. Frontload : Freezepop
76. Slave To Love : Roisin Murphy
77. Vinegar : Anna Abreu
78. Womanizer : Britney Spears
79. Heart Of Stone : The Good Natured
80. Every Day Is Halloween : Dangerous Muse

81. Baps R Bakin : Electric Dolls
82. Song Reminds Me Of You : Annie
83. She Lion : As In RebekkaMaria
84. Art Bitch : Charli XCX
85. Headlock : Esser
86. Never Been Cool : James Leon
87. Show Me Love 08 : Robyn
88. Merry Go Round : The Polyamourous Affair
89. Optimal Ending : Sometime
90. Left Behind : CSS

91. Temptation : Disa
92. Mona Lisa : Doe Deere
93. See You At A Club : Darin
94. Break : Alanis Morissette
95. Calm Before The Storm: Killian Wells
96. Sooner Or Later : Madison
97. Drinks Taste Better When They’re Free : Electrovamp
98. Secrets And Lies : Emmon
99. Finally 2008 : CeCe Peniston
100. Stuck On Repeat : Little Boots

101. Single : New Kids On The Block ft. Ne-Yo
102. Time To Pretend : MGMT
103. Perfect Criminal : Vlad Topalov
104. Army Of Foxy : As In RebekkaMaria
105. Neverland : Darren Hayes
106. Better Off As Two : Frankmusik
107. Monarch : Matt Alber
108. Selfless : Darude ft. Blake Lewis
109. Now You’re Gone : Basshunter
110. Quicksand : La Roux

111. Magnetic Heart : Boogaloo Stu
112. Miles Away : Madonna vs. A Crowd Electric
113. Insomnia : Craig David
114. Bleeding Love : Leona Lewis
115. Disco Lies : Moby ft. Freemasons
116. Electric Feel : MGMT
117. Longing For Lullabyes : Kleerup ft. Titiyo
118. Do It In The Street : Brad Walsh
119. Lies : Heartbreak
120. Ride My Tempo : Ida Corr

121. Styfling : Square1 ft. Siobhan Donaghy
122. Stay In My Memory: Bim
123. 28 Days : Cassette Electrik
124. Heartbreaker : Metronomy
125. Human : The Killers
126. Catch Me If You Can : Sometime
127. !Francheskaar! : Charli XCX
128. Discotheque : Elin Lanto
129. The Fear : Lily Allen
130. Carrie Bradshaw : Will-W

131. Miracle : Deepest Blue
132. All I Ever Wanted : Basshunter
133. We Keep On Rockin : Alcazar
134. Rock With U : Janet Jackson
135. Love Game : Lady Gaga
136. Beily Plaschick : t.A.T.u.
137. Goodbye To Yesterday : Ian Brearley
138. Hanna : Juvelen
139. 4 Minutes : Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake
140. Strobelight: Luigi Masi

141. U Turn Me On : Jamie Jo
142. The Breakfast Song : Annie
143. Breaking It Up: Lykki Li
144. Click Click Click : New Kids On The Block
145. Revolutions : Melynk
146. I Ran (So Far Away) : Darude ft. Blake Lewis
147. Get On With It : Val Emmich
148. Synthesizer : Red Blooded Women
149. Eat You Up : BoA
150. Spotlight : Jennifer Hudson

151. The Loving Kind : Girls Aloud
152. Black Jeans : Parralox
153. So What : Pink
154. You Made Your Bed : Red Blooded Women
155. Cry For You : September
156. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down : Risque
157. Wrong Shoes (Frankmusik Remix) : David Swinburn
158. Soul To My Soul : As In RebekkaMaria
159. Regret : Heartbreak
160. Dynamite : Christina Aguilera

161. What Does It Look Like I’m Doing : The Model
162. 220: t.A.T.u.
163. Give it 2 Me: Madonna
164. Fix Me : Velvet
165. I Hate Rock And Roll : Kennedy
166. Cold : Alex Young
167. Slow Down : Dominique Wolf
168. Field Trip Buddy : Matt Alber
169. Flowers On The Grave : September
170. UFO : Sneaky Sound System

171. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You : Madonna
172. Blackout : The Whip
173. Another Night, Another Day : The Dossier
174. Satisfied : Esser
175. Alive : Natalie Bassingthwaighte
176. Don’t Believe In Love : Dido
177. Wheel Of Fortune 2009 : Ace Of Base
178. Side Chick : Sugababes
179. Dance Dance Dance : Lykki Li
180. Save My Soul : Cavali

181. Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) : Sash ! ft. Stunt
182. I Love The Dancefloor : Kovak
183. It’s All Good : Honeyroot
184. Hot & Cold : Katy Perry
185. I’m In Love With A German Film Star : Sam Taylor-Wood
186. OMG : City Girls
187. I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine : Parralox
188. Ooh I Like It : Ultraviolet Sound
189. I Luv U : Chikidoll
190. Up : The Saturdays

191. Du & Jeg : Hej Matematik
192. Mercy : Duffy
193. Williams Blood : Grace Jones
194. If This Is Love : The Saturdays
195. Love Lockdown : Kanye West
196. Sally : Sam Sparro
197. Ride (Tiesto Remix) : Cary Brothers
198. I Love You : Esser
199. Pop Music Is Not A Crime : Freezepop
200. Shifty Eyes : Strangers With Candy