A Million Miles
A Million Miles
Photo courtesy: www.tiffanytunes.com and used with permission
It’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s been nearly 30 years since pop superstar, Tiffany’s monster debut album. A time when the beautiful singer unleashed an arsenal of hits, including two international #1’s with “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Could’ve Been”.
In the years since, Tiffany has gone on to sell more than sixteen million albums and become one of pop’s most personally reflective songwriters. Her brand new album, A Million Miles [release date: March 31] continues that trend as well as showcases a new depth of maturity in the beautiful artists’ ever-expanding repertoire.
A Million Miles is also the first album where Tiffany takes a long overdue co-producer credit and at times feels like a hybrid time capsule - with vocals that are powerfully reminiscent of her early albums.
With a wonderful family of songwriters and musicians who gave their heart and soul, A Million Miles combines elements of the past with 21st century cool. It’s an album that’s needs to be experienced as a whole and one that’s sure to put a smile on your face.
AXS recently spoke with Tiffany about A Million Miles and more in this exclusive interview.
AXS: What can you tell me about the new album, A Million Miles?
Tiffany: It’s my journal in terms of being a writer and all of the things I’ve been going through these last few years. I also wanted to do a record for the fans, who were asking me to do more ballads. It was the perfect time to do an album like this. It has old school aspects but is still very modern. It’s like Tiffany all grown up.
AXS: A Million Miles is the first album you co-produced. How important was it for you to have that role for this project?
Tiffany: It was very important to me. People know me as “Tiffany from the 80s” and the girl from the mall who broke a lot of ground. But I think it’s also important for people to know that I’m a true musician. I’m 30 years in now and am very proud to still be doing my music. Co-producing was the natural next step. It was something I needed to earn and it was very nice to be able to fill those shoes.
AXS: Let’s discuss a few tracks from A Million Miles: “Fall Again”.
Tiffany: That song is about my cousin who I loved dearly who became an alcoholic. Just watching her going through that and then going through counseling with her before she passed away. People don’t start out to become alcoholic. It just overtakes you. A lot of this is kind of deep but it’s a walk in my shoes for a while and it’s made me the person I am today. Love is a really powerful thing and being the best friend (or mom, wife or sister) is what life is all about.
“Right Here”.
Tiffany: One of my co-writers is a friend of mine who always hears me talk a lot about my fans and the other people in my world who are always there for me. She came up with the idea and we took it from there. It’s got such a sexiness about it and became a really cool song about that feel good person in your life. For me, it’s about all of the different people that make up my world.
Tiffany: I wrote that song back in 2008 with Steve McClintock and Pamela Owens. Steve wrote “All This Time” and “Love is Blind” and other amazing songs for me. He has been someone who from the early start made such an impression on me. I remember he would always tell me to just be myself, which at the time was hard because I was being pulled in so many different directions. But he was always there saying, “You’re voice is beautiful. Sing. Just sing and be Tiffany!” So it was really special to write with him. We took something that was already a beautiful song and made it dramatic.
AXS: What are your tour plans like for this year?
Tiffany: This is going to be a heavy touring year and I’m very excited. I’ll be doing everything from 80s retro to more freestyle stuff. Then when this album comes out, I’ll be doing special concerts in smaller clubs and theaters. This is a record that needs to be intimate and heard with a full, live band. I don’t want to blend this music with some of the stuff I’ve been doing. It needs to stand on its own.
AXS: What do you think made the music of the 80s so great?
Tiffany: It was very light and fun and it was a time when people could be unique. You could be Plain Jane like I was with hoop earrings and a jean jacket or you could also be someone like Cyndi Lauper - who was really punk and fun. Everyone stood out and there was room for everyone to be different. It was also a time when people were really starting to experiment with keyboard sounds. It’s music that transcends time when you listen to it and makes you feel good. I’m still very proud to be part of that era.
AXS: When you look back to your first album now with some perspective, what thoughts come to mind?
Tiffany: I’m still very fond of it. I remember going straight from school and into the recording studio. I was a kid who had no clue about where I was going. I was just excited and lucky to be doing something I loved and that people were listening to me. Truthfully, I’m still that kid. I still don’t know what the future holds. You just have to put your heart out there and do your best. It’s what I do every day!
A Million Miles will be released on March 31.