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Debbie Gibson & Tiffany - ET Interview

Debbie Gibson & Tiffany - ET Interview

This couple is cute, even though this interview has been a year but just want to share.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Keep it real by TIFFANY feat.NAOKI

Rhythm Party Trailer (HD)

New song from TIFFANY feat.NAOKI for X-BOX video game.

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Rare pics from TIFFANY the singer

These pics getting from
They are New Inside 's era.
Lovely Tiffany !

Back To The Eighties Show – 3 Year Anniversary w/Tiffany, Rob Base, Naughty By Nature [RECAP, PHOTOS]

Back To The Eighties Show – 3 Year Anniversary w/Tiffany, Rob Base, Naughty By Nature [RECAP, PHOTOS]

Through a thoroughly unscientific survey conducted by this publication, it has been determined that the best way to hear Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” is when it is performed by a spot-on ’80s cover band, surrounded by a couple hundred jumping, clapping and singing ’80s music lovers, and with 99 actual red balloons raining down on you and your fellow clubgoers.
If this has ever happened to you, you were probably at Canal Room on a Saturday Night, and you probably loved it.
Rubix Kube
Every Saturday for the past three years, the downtown venue has played host to the Back To The Eightiesshow, a festive flashback jam starring Rubix Kube, the “ultimate ’80s cover band,” delivering nostalgic musical bliss to a consistently packed house. Fronted by female and male lead vocalists Cherie Martoranaand Scott Lovelady, and backed by a talented set of musicians, Rubix Kube gleefully cover a range of styles made popular during the Reagan years, happily embracing the retrospectively cheesy style that set the decade apart.
For the first of a two-night three year anniversary celebration, the Back to the Eighties show reached into a wide bag of musical guest tricks, inviting artists from several genres to rock alongside Rubix Kube. From new wave pioneer Mike Score from A Flock of Seagulls (“I Ran [So Far Away]”) to pop princess Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”), to hip hop icons Rob Base (“It Takes Two”) and Naughty By Nature (“O.P.P”), the Canal Room audience was treated to a wide spectrum of ’80s musical energy and charm.
Rubix Kube spaced the show brilliantly, sprinkling the special guests throughout their finely tuned show, excitedly romping through the era’s classics, reincarnating hits like Journey’s “Any Way You Want It,” Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl,” Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen” and Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.”
Rubix Kube - Back to the Eighties Anniversary - Canal Room
Rubix Kube (Photo: Sean Rhinehart -
A rousing, African drum and dance-filled rendition of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” while perhaps a bit long, showcased the lengths that Rubix Kube will go to, in order to fully channel the iconic musicians they portray. From costume to vocal inflections to musical symmetry, the quick-change artistry, glam-glorifying costumes and ability to conjure music memories make their staying power understandable.
The guest stars did not disappoint. Female rap trio JJ Fad got things started, with a lively and coordinated performance including their best known song, “Supersonic.” A brief appearance by former boy band tourmate Tommy Page, performing his NKOTB-featured hit song “I’ll Be Your Everything,” kept things moving, but the proverbial roof was emphatically raised with a rousing performance of “It Takes Two” by 2.5-hit wonder Rob Base, supercharging the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.
Rob Base - Back to the Eighties Show - Canal Room
Rob Base (Photo: Sean Rhinehart -
Mike Score, founding member of A Flock Of Seagulls, set up with a keyboard and a mic, singing a lesser known song before launching into the instantly recognizable “I Ran (So Far Away).” While Rubix Kube did a stellar job at recreating classics throughout the night, hearing the distinctive 80s style of “I Ran,” in the original performer’s voice, really helped further the atmospheric fantasy being created by the music, the decorations and the props.
And then there was Tiffany.
Once a top-tier teen pop star, Tiffany has continued in the music business throughout the years, clearly evidenced by her brief but charismatic performance. Emphatically embraced by the audience, Tiffany belted out “Could Have Been,” as well as her #1 hit, “I Think We’re Alone Now,” adding soulful twists to the dance classic. She was enjoyable, sang well, and had the audience singing along enthusiastically. It was almost as if she had never left.
Tiffany - Back to the Eighties - Canal Room
Tiffany (Photo: Sean Rhinehart -
Rounding out the guest appearances in an equally bombastic manner was New Jersey representatives Naughty By Nature, who tore through their rap classics “O.P.P.,” “Hip Hop Hooray,” and “Uptown Anthem.” Technically more ’90s than ’80s, the duo, who still tour the world extensively, were well received, lively and animated, with Vin Rock throwing O.P.P. stickers into the crowd, and Treach ripping his shirt off, visually punctuating his signature rapid-fire delivery.
Naughty By Nature - Back to the Eighties Anniversary - Canal Room
Naughty By Nature (Photo: Sean Rhinehart -
Rubix Kube reassembled to close out the show with the perfect-for-singing-along “Living on a Prayer,” and an onstage musical mashup, bringing JJ Fad out one more time. The crowd only barely thinning out after hours basking in throwback glory provided one last snapshot of the highly successful niche carved out by the unmistakably entertaining Back to the Eighties show.
Rubix Kube continues their run every Saturday night at Canal Room. and for more info.

Tiffany’s treasures

 By David Placher on April 5, 2012
Cobalt is on a roll — after snagging big-name DJs like Junior Vasquez and Ralphi Rosario last month, pop singer Tiffany appears Tuesday night. Doors open at 9 p.m. There’s no cover.
Born Tiffany Renee Darwish, the pop singer has been busy promoting her latest album, “Rose Tattoo,” her eighth studio album.
“For me, this album represents returning to my country roots,” Tiffany says from her new home in Tennessee. What makes this album different is Tiffany managed and produced it under her own record label.
“I stepped out on my own. It took three months to write the music and 10 days to record, all while dealing with the stresses of managing my business.” Tiffany is considering re-releasing “Rose Tattoo” outside the U.S. later this year
In 1981, Tiffany debuted with country music singer Jack Reeves at a country and western spot called Narods in Chino, Calif. In 1987, Tiffany released “I Think We’re Alone Now,” a pop song that became a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 list.
“My music talents cannot be defined by one type of music. I love the ‘60s and ‘70s disco music, I love country music, and that love helped me write my music in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and today.”  Most recently, Tiffany has been at the top of the charts with her feel-good dance hit “Higher,” which features a mix by famed remixer Josh Harris.
Tiffany’s diversified music is a reflection of her fans. She’s been a supporter of the LGBT community by performing at various gay-friendly venues.
“I feel like there is a connection between the gay community and myself,” Tiffany says. “You can’t really place people into categories, but others sometimes treat people different if they don’t fit into a particular category … It’s a struggle for acceptance and some of my music is about struggle.”
She briefly dated Jonathan Knight, a member of New Kids on the Block, who later came out as gay.
“Obviously I didn’t know he was gay when I was dating him. We were just two young kids that were not born wealthy and suddenly seemed to have the world at our feet. Our friendship continued even after we broke up,” she says.
Tiffany revealed Knight was gay in a January 2011 interview. She says it wasn’t a big deal because Knight’s sexual orientation had been widely discussed publicly before.
Tiffany’s talents go beyond just singing and writing music. Her first acting job was providing the voice of Judy Jetson for “Jetsons: The Movie,” from 1990. She also contributed three songs to the soundtrack. In her most recent movie, Tiffany teamed up with Deborah Gibson and filmed their campy SyFy original movie called “Mega Python v. Gatoroid.” The movie featured a protracted catfight waged between Tiffany and Gibson.
The pop star is married with one son and takes care of her stepfather, who’s suffering from cancer.
“I am a family person first,” she says. “I am very grateful to have a wonderful family.”
Her next challenge? She plans to open a vintage boutique shop this fall.
“I’ve learned to live in the moment and never be scared to try something new.”