Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful reunion for Tiffany

" Nostalgia 80 The show, which will run at the Coliseum in April, will provide
an opportunity for Tiffany to find an idol, a work colleague and a longtime

She who made her reputation with the tubes I Think We're Alone, and Could've
Been at the end of the decade 80, says she can not wait to share the stage with
Rick Astley, Samantha Fox and his "rival" of the time Debbie Gibson.

"I was very happy when I was approached for this show. I am a big fan of Rick
Astley. I'm really looking forward to meeting and working with him. I also
worked with Samantha Fox in the 80s. And Debbie and I are good friends, "says
one who will return with the city of Quebec, including that she had visited when
it traveled the globe with New Kids On The Block.

"This tour houses among my fondest memories of 80 years. I could go in different
countries and see people react to my music. It was wonderful. My dream come
true. I wanted to be a singer and it happens. I loved discovering new cultures,
talk to people, see other ways of doing things. "

Tiffany recorded her first album when she was older than 14 years. She was a
member of one of the first cohorts of teen idols. She does not believe she was
too young to make career.

"I think we never really ready, no matter whether you are aged 14 or 35 years.
The industry is completely insane, "says that, to promote her first album, had
entered a tour of shopping malls in the United States


Although she admits to having made mistakes, she says that they have made her
the artist she is today. Unlike other icons of 80 years, and after taking a
break to raise her son, Tiffany has returned to show business in the 2000s. She
has recorded several albums of dance music, taking part in TV shows and appeared
in films, commercials and television series.

I continue to evolve as an artist. I have projects in mind, there are several
things that I want to do. I am sure that projects will develop in a way that I
would not expected. You should just have an open mind. I live in Nashville,
Tennessee, where he yad'extraordinaires songwriters. My next project will be an
album (which will appear by the end of the year) of country influence, very
Bonnie Rait"

This Article was taken from http://lejournaldequebec.canoe.ca/artsetspectacles/scene/archives/2009/03/20090318-192048.html