Saturday, November 24, 2012

'80s Pop Singer Tiffany Turns Trash to Treasure on 'GMA

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

'80s pop star Tiffany opens boutique in White House

Posted: Nov 09, 2012 6:17 AM

After collecting dresses, shoes, boots, hats and purses for the last 10 years, 80s pop star Tiffany has opened a new boutique in White House, about 25 miles outside of Nashville.

Tiffany's Boutique opened Thursday in an older home that was previously a tattoo parlor located off of Highway 76.

The pop icon told Nashville's News 2 she hopes her newly renovated shop will be a popular place for women who are looking for glamour pieces.

Tiffany said many of the items for sale in the boutique are things she picked up while on the road performing.

"I've been going around on my trips; I'm still involved in the music industry, so I'm always traveling. So I'll make a day for the boutique, my dream of the boutique. I've been collecting for 10 years. Literally," she said.

Other available items include things the pop star previously wore at red carpet events and have only been worn a couple of times.

"You spend a lot on these dresses and turn around and someone's wearing the same thing," she said.

One glamorous dress Tiffany pulled of the rack to show Nashville's News 2 was one that had been worn on a red carpet and was priced at only $40.

Tiffany released a country album, "Rose Tattoo," last year which has received positive reviews from critics.

She's also releasing a line of the piece of clothing that she helped make famous, denim jackets, in the near future.
Tiffany and her family have lived in White House for the last five years.

For more information on Tiffany, visit her Web site.

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Singer 'Tiffany' opens local boutique

By Holly Tong, Contributing Writer
Friday, November 9, 2012 6:30 AM CST

She graced the charts with smash hits such as “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and has maintained a massive fan base across the world. She is “Tiffany,” and singing will forever be one of her greatest passions, but she is additionally currently exploring another interest that has always been on her mind.

While her new venture can and will include anyone from anywhere, it is especially great news for the White House community, because that is where it will be located.

“Tiffany’s Boutique” officially opened on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 8.

How did White House get so lucky to be the host of such an exciting new business?

“I like the charm, and the feel of it all. I really wanted to bring specialty wardrobe to White House,” said Tiffany.

Located in a pleasant little house, the comfortable and welcoming, yet undeniably classy vibe hits as soon as one enters her boutique. The positive disposition it contains encourages fashion lovers to stop in and stay a while, while also taking the freedom to accessorize, step out of the box, and create a self-expressive look.

“I had a vision,” Tiffany said. “I wanted to find a house to put it in. The doors of opportunity opened, and I’m very passionate about this spot. The timing just felt right.”

“This is my first time doing something outside of the singing world, and it’s been a dream of mine for a long time. I’ve been collecting pieces for over 10 years. Now it’s here, and I’m excited!” she added.

It is of vital importance to note that Tiffany’s treasures are affordably priced for anyone, and for everyone to come and enjoy. Offering a wide variety of styles, she has something that will appeal to everyone. Whether customers are looking for an edgy jacket, a gown full of bling, flashy jewelry, a classy clutch purse, a belt, a hat, or a sweet pair of timeless classic heels, those pieces, and so much more can be found here. Featuring vintage wardrobes and unique accessories that will be sure to make a buyer stand out with a ray of individuality, Tiffany’s merchandise that is mostly priced in the $6-$25 range is one of a kind.

“I want people to have fun, and try something different. You can take a chance on a piece when it’s only $10. My girls know how to hook up people on a dime business. From a shopaholic’s view it’s pretty amazing,” Tiffany said emphatically.

“I would describe my boutique as a cross between Betsy Johnson, and French Country meets shabby chic. If people know names like Betsy Johnson, and Steve Madden, they will realize the item is reasonably priced. If they don’t know those designers, hopefully they will just plain like the piece,” continued Tiffany.

Where did Tiffany’s unique style inspiration originate from?

“Being in the public eye, I wanted to be different, fresh, vintage, and one of a kind,” expressed Tiffany.

“As I said over the years, I’ve been collecting more and more pieces. I’ve really enjoyed the excitement of doing that. I travel a lot, and during those times, I like to take a few days just to go vintage shopping. Some of my pieces have come from Spain, Singapore, and various places around the world,” continued Tiffany.

Being an entertainer herself, Tiffany understands the needs for a performer’s stage image.

“It is often hard to find stage ready clothes. I’ve always liked an artist to look like an artist. Vintage and flash is a goal of mine. Here, entertainers can mix and match without spending a fortune,” she explained.

“I wanted the store to be feminine, French inspired, and also to have a little bit of a rocker edge. As my music room shows, I’m a big fan of Stevie Nicks. She really inspired me and my style.”

Not only is Tiffany bringing a new fashion hot spot to White House, she is also going to be involving the community, and her customers on many levels.

“I want to have ladies’ parties, and bridal showers where everyone can try on stuff, laugh, and have a good time. Since we have a kitchen in this house, I can put

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together some little food trays. I can also bring in a makeup artist, and allow the ladies to enjoy the entire store. I want people to have the full experience and to tell their friends,” Tiffany said.

“I also want to do local events and fundraisers. The Cancer Society, battered womens shelters, programs helping women, and causes for animals are all things I’m passionate about.”

Whether you live in White House, or a distance away, you can still experience Tiffany’s Boutique. Fans and customers can soon shop on her website ( which will soon be up and running.

“Tiffany’s Boutique,” which is located at 301 Highway 76, White House, invites you to try out a new type of shopping experience. Hours will be 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday (closed on Sunday).

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