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Tiffany Inks Her Status in Country Music -- Exclusive Video

Posted Aug 29th 2011 6:00PM by Beville Darden

"I wanted to be the country version of Stevie Nicks, but before you knew it I was heading in a pop direction, touring the world, having No. 1 singles and loving every minute of it."

Her new album, 'Rose Tattoo,' has Tiffany's career coming full circle. The iconic pop star's venture into country music is not a first, as she traveled to Nashville with sights set on a country record deal when she was just nine years old. After being turned down, the California native returned to the west coast but refused to give up her dream. Tiffany continued recording country demo tapes, and by age 12 started to become not just a talented singer but also seasoned performer.

"Everyone was saying to get more stage experience, do more showcases around Los Angeles," she recalls. "But that takes you being a model, actress, dancer ... So I took a million classes and started performing at a club called the Rose Tattoo. That was my first gig."

And thus the name of her new, independently released album, which the singer/songwriter explains took 10 years to make. "I wanted to go deeper than a tattoo on my arm. I was like, 'What really started this off for me? Where did I really learn to work an audience?'" Tiffany reflects. "At that time, I sang anything from Broadway to country ... That's where I branched out as an artist and fell in love with all types of music. That's what 'Rose Tattoo' is about: a celebration of people who have influenced me, like Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin.

Tiffany, her background vocalist Jennifer Friend and guitarists Justin Zimmer and Justin Ostrander take a seat on stools set up in the green room of our New York City studios, where they're performing a few songs for the AOL Music staff. First on the list is 'Feel the Music,' a song tailor-made for girls' night out.

"I've been married most of my life," explains the songbird, who turns 40 this October. "I have a 19-year-old son. So now I kinda have a life again ... a little bit. [laughs] I was writing about girlfriends of mine who are single, and how I feel when I go out. I love my husband ... I don't want to get into too much trouble. But it's nice to go out to a club and know you can still turn heads."

Tiffany has also turned heads on the small screen, developing a whole new fan base with her roles in two science-fiction movies, 'Mega Piranha' and 'Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid,' the latter alongside fellow '80s pop icon, Debbie Gibson. A huge sci-fi fan herself, Tiffany says next on her acting wish-list is a role with vampires. But for now, her affinity for mythological bloodsuckers is influencing her songwriting, at least for the next tune she performs for us.

"I live on eight acres out in the country in Nashville, and it gets creepy and foggy. It's the best atmosphere to write songs. We were sitting outside and a good friend of mine, Tommy Wright, said, 'I'm gonna write you a song for 'True Blood.'' I said, 'If you do that, I'll try to get onto the show somehow.' He came back to me with a song called 'Love You Good.' Hopefully we'll be able to get it out there. This song is so different ... It's a Cajun-witchy song."

Much to our staff's delight, Tiffany's breakthrough 1987 hit, 'I Think We're Alone Now,' is up next on the set-list, with a different sound and arrangement from her original version, as she and her bandmates perform acoustic with a country vibe. Much to our surprise, Tiffany explains that she was at first lukewarm about this song that launched her to international stardom.

"I didn't want to record 'I Think We're Alone Now,' because I thought it was too dance and too pop," she remembers of first hearing the original Tommy James & the Shondells version at age 14. "But I took it home to my girlfriends, and they were dancing around. I wanted to be cool ... "

Tiffany had our whole staff dancing around to the classic hit, and at one point she stopped singing and had us take over lead vocals. Proving the timelessness of 'I Think We're Alone Now,' everyone from our college-aged interns to our 30-something staffers were singing along, word for word.

With the move to country came a move to Nashville a few years back, where Tiffany has found a more welcoming music community that appreciates her for her craft over her fame. "As a pop artist, as a solo artist, it's very hard to have long-term friendships because you're stepping over each other and competing," she explains. "In Nashville, it's great to develop those friendships and those long-term relationships ... to know that people don't want to step over you to get ahead. They love music; they live music. They want the best for me, and I can fall trying new things. That's been a rarity in my life. That's probably why I was able to make such a great album. I had the ideas, I had the songs and the vision ... But I needed everyone to help me to accomplish it."

Nashville has also been a place where the former pop princess has had to prove herself, which she has certainly done with 'Rose Tattoo.' "People are always skeptical about Tiffany, in general, not just in country. 'Can she sing? What's she about?' That goes away when people see me perform. My fans have been awesome ... they've embraced it. They may have thought I was crazy, but they trust me to deliver good music. I think they are pleasantly surprised."


Exclusive Video: Tiffany Visits AOL Music

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She's Long Past Her Teens, But Tiffany Is Still Growing Up By Cari Wade Gervin

I was almost 11 when Tiffany’s eponymous debut album hit the charts in 1987, and I am not embarrassed to say it was one of the first records I ever bought.

I had only seriously gotten into pop music the year before, when I ordered a Whitney Houston album to redeem points I earned from selling magazines at school, and my obsession with the Top 40 grew so quickly that I remember my father calling me a 9-year-old teenager.

My father was a serious listener of jazz, so he often made fun of my choices in a good-natured manner. “All of that’s just bubblegum pop. You like it now, but you’ll grow out of it,” he would tell me.

I would argue back, defending my choices, convinced in my belief that Tiffany and her erstwhile rival Debbie Gibson were not manufactured pop stars but were talented musicians in their own right, destined for long careers.

Last week, while listening to that same Tiffany LP, it struck me that we both were right. I stand by my pre-teen assertion that Tiffany’s cover of Tommy James and the Shondells’ “I Think We’re Alone Now” is better than the original. But that cover of the Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There”? Not in the least.

My father was right that the description of “bubblegum” was coined for pop music like that. But he was wrong about Tiffany. Because in case you haven’t kept up with the singer’s career—well, there is one.

Tiffany Darwish will turn 40 later this year. She has a teenage son and is happily married to a second husband and seems to live a very down-to-earth existence in Nashville. At least, she sounds incredibly down-to-earth on the phone.

“When people meet me, they’re like, ‘You’re very real’,” Tiffany says, and I believe her, not the least because you can still hear her California Valley Girl inflections when she gets excited.

It’s true the teenage diva may never have had the chart-topping success in the United States that she did in the 1980s, when she was the youngest female artist to debut at number one on the Billboard charts. But over the past decade Tiffany has had a number of dance music hits, which have only cemented her popularity with her gay fanbase.

This year Tiffany has taken her talents in a new direction—country. While it may seem like a stretch from dance music, she says it’s actually a return to her roots. As a child, she wanted to become a country star, not a pop one, and then in the early 1990s, she tried to break into Nashville a second time.

“To be honest, I felt like I didn’t really make the grade,” she says. “Because I don’t play instruments, and I felt like I struggled. But I got up and did it again—I didn’t let that hold me back. This is something I really envisioned for myself.”

Three years ago Tiffany moved her family to Nashville and started again—going to songwriting showcases, listening to musicians. Just watching, she says. Watching and learning.

“I think that’s the one thing amazing about having a long-term career,” she says. “The artists I’ve really looked up to—” artists like Bono, Robert Plant, Stevie Nicks, and Emmylou Harris, she says “—just when you think they’re settling in… they turn around and they learn something new or they take on something different or they collaborate with someone that you never would have expected, and so they’re constantly growing as an artist.”

Tiffany’s growth has resulted in Rose Tattoo, an album of what she calls “danceable country” and “good heartbreak love songs like ‘Could’ve Been.’” But unlike “Could’ve Been,” her second-biggest hit, Tiffany wrote or co-wrote almost all of the songs on her new album. She says her patience and persistence in Nashville finally paid off with her getting taken seriously as a songwriter.

“The stage where I’m at now, as an adult, I feel like I have more to say,” Tiffany says. “I’ve really grown as a person, you know. I’ve done a bunch of different things and tried a bunch of different things, and not everything has been successful.”

Tiffany is playing this weekend’s Knoxville PrideFest before heading out on tour later this summer with none other than Debbie Gibson (with whom she also starred in January’s made-for-ScyFy movie Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid). So now that she’s grown up, are she and Gibson friends?

“We were never rivals! That was all made up!” she says with a long giggle. “That was really kind of frustrating.… But it’s great now that we’ve really become friends and we really do know each other.”


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Let's start a life affair: Tiffany's New Inside!

Written: Jun 25 '09

Product Rating: Product Rating: 4.0
Pros: Progressive newjack sound for Tiff. I love her vocals here.

Cons: Three tracks in particular bog the score down. Only 10 tracks!

The Bottom Line: Great music to play while: singing into your remote control, wishing you had her vocal range.

tjhassecrets's Full Review: New Inside by Tiffany (Pop)
I complained and bellyached about Tiffany's lack of presence and sleepwalking style on her sophomore record Hold An Old Friend's Hand; I also mentioned that her third project saw Tiffany taking a bit more control over her sound and image, and that's true. After she parted ways (for the first time) with the scoundrel George Tobin, who is more or less known for holding the girl back from her true potential, Tiffany started experimenting with real dance. Unfortunately, it was fruitless effort, failing to chart at all. By 1990, Tiffany wasn't cool anymore. She was even behind her "rival" Debbie Gibson, whose Anything is Possible LP was released the same year. While that record garnered some attention with performances on the Arsenio Hall Show and other late-night outlets, Tiffany was invisible. There was next to no promotion for the record, and it is known unknown outside of Tiffany's circle (and even then, it's rarely discussed).

Unlike her mallpop efforts, New Inside is an aptly titled dance record that dabbled with newjack swing, Mowtown stylings, rnb, and Tiffany's mature voice. It's odd comparing it to her last effort, which featured the same voice singing trashy and boring rehashes from her debut; here, her voice is fully recognized, and her raspy moments are powerful and interesting. Unfortunately, we wouldn't really hear them again until Dust Off and Dance, her next dance album released in 2005. Where New Inside went right was the overproduction, a trait common in Janet Jackson's music that brings life and fun into the tracks. On the title-track, Tiffany's delivery floored me. Aside from the fact that it's a fun song on its own, the way she belts out the line "If you ever ask me do I love you, YES THE ANSWER IS YOUR DIVIIINE!" is, well, divine. This record is also the first time Tiffany contributed to the songwriting, earning credits for the ultra-cool It's You and the flat 70s (and 80s?) sounding slowjam Back in the Groove, where she sounds a little like she did on her previous effort.

I prefer the smokey and urgent delivery on track likes the sexy Our Love and the tongue-in-cheek Tiff's Back, which is kind of like Latoya Jackson done right. The hooks on this album are overall way better than they were on her last record, as outlined by Life Affair, which is a great song that...would have done a lot better back in 1987. It's not a mallpop song, rather it sounds like something from Madonna's True Blue record or something by Jody Watley. Her voice plays with the song, and listening to it makes me forget that I am listening to the Queen of the Food Court. The cool production is nice, and the lyrics are nice enough for a pop song. My favorite track on the album is by far Never Run My Motor Down, which is pure mallpop, but with a fire to it that Tiffany brings with her vocals: "Jump up, turn around, faster than the speed of sound / Follow me all over town-- NEVER run my motor down!" The second bridge has a slight sense of that desperate feeling when she starts talking about living her life the way she wants, but it's just so damn catchy that I don't care. There's a great attitude on this record that was unmatched in her discography at this point.

I'm not super keen on the 90s Mariah Carey ballad There Could Never, but it's definitely not the worst thing she's done-- at least she seems to be enjoying the material. One of the ballads I do like is Tenderly, which begins with a brief interlude called A Moment to Rest, which doesn't last all that long. Her vocals are the star of the show, and if it weren't for her delivery, I'd probably skip over it (Debbie Gibson couldn't handle this track!) This is true growth of an artist, consider how on her last record, she has a great song that I only listened to because I liked the song, though she only hindered it in many ways. Listening to New Inside is true development, and it's a shame that it has been shunned by both the public and her fans.


By far my favorite Tiffany album, if only for the title-track. It may not her best overall, but I find myself listening to most of these songs the most. I like Tiffany's raspy vocals here; she sounds like a sexy momma, which is true progression from her mallpop sound of her first two records. Though she would go back to George Tobin after this record, it's still a testament to how powerfully she can perform. I wish it were still print, so I could easily have people hear it. Get your butts on Amazon and order a copy. They aren't that expensive. ...maybe check the used CD bin at your local record shop.

01. New Inside [5 Stars]
02. It's You [5 Stars]
03. A Moment to Rest/Tenderly [4 Stars]
04. Never Run My Motor Down [5 Stars]
05. Here in My Heart [1 Star]
06. Tiff's Back [4.5 Stars]
07. Our Love [4.5 Stars]
08. Life Affair [5 Stars]
09. Back in the Groove [1 Star]
10. There Could Never [2 Stars]


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Oh Hell Yes! Tiffany & Debbie Gibson On The View!

You will die. This is THAT good!
This morning, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson performed on The View and brought the place down with a countrified version of Tiff's I Think We're Alone Now and a duet-cover of Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves.
Bow down to the greatness!
Ch-ch-check it out (above)!!!


32 comments to “Oh Hell Yes! Tiffany & Debbie Gibson On The View!”

FoUfCfK says – reply to this

Sponsored by ABC… lol trying hard to get them back advertising on your site P?

Bobbarita says – reply to this

OMG! When I saw the 2 of them "performing" on The View I had to turn off the TV. It was like watching a bad Saturday Night Live sketch. Horrible! Give it up already and retire.

Matthewinil says – reply to this

Tiffany is performing for free this Friday night in my town of Decatur, IL. www.decaturcelebration.com

Dazzler says – reply to this

I saw the episode and couldn't believe how Tiffany's voice is still better than most of the pop slags out now… Debbie on the other hand? Yeah, they edited out her part of the medley with good reason. Her voice is hideous.

KeezerBoo says – reply to this

Re: Bobbarita – How positively troll. There's more real talent in these women than most of what's out now. I'll take Tiffany over Britney, Katy Perry or Keisha any day.

tantrick says – reply to this

wow debbie is looking fine and tiff is sounding good.

KellyM_in_CA says – reply to this

They both look SICKENING. They look like members of an alien race thanks to Botox and filler. DG's forehead defies description.

LovelyCup says – reply to this

Tiffany sounded and looked great. Now, Debbie looked amazing but what was with the over singing? Oh wells, they have both matured into beautiful women.

anaisnun says – reply to this

All you need here is Martika.

perezyouredumb says – reply to this

Wow, Debbie Gibson is SO terrible! Give it up lady! Tiffany sounds great but she needs to stop singing the same tired song and come up with something new.

daylor tayne says – reply to this

I've bought the new Debbie gibson CD " miss vocalist " I luuuuv it

suzyelizabeth says – reply to this

On a side note, anyone else sick of the word "Amazeballs" yet?

PeabodyJen says – reply to this

Tiffany sounds fabulous….Debbie, not so much…

LisaRose says – reply to this

I hope Tiffany gets a big fat contract after this cause that girl can SING. I know she has a country album out but I hope people take notice. I'm not sure country is where she should be.

mw says – reply to this

Tiffany's got a hell of a voice!

Qc Blablabla! says – reply to this

Tiffany's voice matured, her voice wasn't like that when she was a teen… Debbie's voice stayed the same as when she was a teen singer. I guess that's where the big difference is between the two. It just feels like a blast from the past. I hope they'll get some new material cause hearing them sing the same song all the time is getting old!

Glen says – reply to this

Tiffany sounded really good, Deboreah was terrible she sounded like she was trying to imitate Britney' squeel with Christina Aguelara's Runs and it was just bad.

andydo says – reply to this

Re: suzyelizabeth – I AM!!! ITS STUPID!

ROKN'PA says – reply to this

Tiffany has been releasing great music for several years now, unfortunately everyone remembers her from her teenybopper hit "I Think We're Alone Now". She has a lot of great music. Look it up.

gmoney27 says – reply to this

Debbie used to have such a pure and beautiful voice! Now, she sounds screechy and nasally. What happened?!? Hopefully she can get some lessons because I believe she has a lot of talent.

Caseyb31 says – reply to this

What a performance! Tiffany ROCKED the house!! Tiffany looked stunning too! She has really become a beautiful, classy woman and has an amazing voice! Don't know what to say about Debbie, kinda speechless and not in a good way. Tiffany if you are a really true fiend to Debbie, you will give her the name of your vocal coach, stylist and makeup artist! She needs all what you have if thats possible! Tiffany don't change a thing! Everything about you was perfect, you looked and sounded amazing!!! Can't wait to hear your new country CD.. Look out Carrie Underwood! Tiffanys pipes will give you a run for your money! by the way I am not a Debbie hater, I always liked Debbie & her music but she sings different now. She isn't ugly she just needs a new vocal coach, stylist and makeup artist! Don't you have those things when your a star? She just looked and sounded like a mess next to Tiffanys perfection!

ShawnO35 says – reply to this

First, Tiffanys voice is the best I've ever heard it! Debbie not so much! Also, I saw it on High def TV when it aired and Debbie is a pretty woman but her heavy green & blue eye makeup scared me and her outfit looked to! Tiffany did sound & looked great on "The View" & not overdone like Debbie! But if you saw "Good Morning America" when they sang, Tiffany shined even more than she did on The View! Her voice was Stellar and her performances were the best I've ever seen her do! She is definitely gonna rise to the top again! I think Tiffany could do any genre of music! Also, The high def TV just shows everything and Tiffany's outfits, hair and makeup was even prettier than it was on The View! She took on a little more edgier rocker look which was hot and not overdone like Debbie's! Sorry but Debbie looked like a stripper on GMA! A garter around her leg with short shorts! PLEASE! I was afraid my teenage daughter was gonna want a garter with her shorts after she saw it! Debs voice was even worse on GMA! I agree with the other person, Debbie needs help in all depts! Come on Tiffany, you have eyes and ears, so you have to realize it too! So help this poor girl out like the other commenter said! Give her the names of your team of people like vocal , style & makeup people. you don't need em, let Debbie borrow them! You are a pretty woman Debbie so let it show! I want the Debbie from the 80's back, the one who could sing and didn't go half naked!

MissPicky says – reply to this

WHAAAAT is going on?? I turn on my TV this week to watch my fav shows like & The View and GMA, then I go to my Fav gossip blog "Perez" and I think its 1987 again!! I loooove it!! Have I time traveled or is my fav 80's stars making a comeback??
Then I watched & listened… hmm, First off, Tiffany is MAGNIFICENT! What? She is Country now!! Hooray! Going to get her album Immediately! What a performance! I haven't seen her since the 80's and she was a cute teen but what a beautiful woman she has turned out to be! I love her hair shorter too. Was it me or was her face actually glowing on The View? In a good way I mean!… It was either the amazing voice literally shining through or just good makeup or both! I don't know but her beauty & voice shined & she portrayed herself like the star she was, is and is gonna be!! Just beautiful!!
Actually made my week. Felt like I was a teen again!… Now to Debbie, the voice is trying but just not what it once was. Her performance on The View & GMA was ok but made me feel disappointed. She looked like she was playing dress up on GMA & had secretly gotten into her moms closet & makeup to play dress up!! EWW, just didn't work out! Actually made me a little sad for her. She is a beautiful woman still but you just couldn't see it behind all the clothes & makeup garb! I still love the 80's stuff! I believe Tiffany will be a new star for this generation!

DeboLove1999 says – reply to this

I agree with Perez "oh Hell Yea" then I heard Debbie and just said "oh Hell"
Girls gotta screeching nasally voice now! Ouch! Give it up girlfriend! Tiffany on the other hand made up for it!! Tiffany is the star of today! Love the version of "I Think We're Alone Now!" Did Debbie actually screech when they sang that last song on The View. I think she did and it looked like Tiffany tried to cover for her. What a good friend but That song wasn't in this footage on this site, you would have to have seen The entire show to see it! Can't remember what it was but was the last song they sang on the View! My fav look for Tiffany was on GMA, I loved her rocker side too! She looked great all around! Debbie please be your own person and stop being a wanna be Britney or somebody! Less is more Debbie remember that! I agree with the other bloggers that You could use some tips from your pal Tiff on style and makeup and maybe a free voice lesson from Tiff!… Ouch! But, I just tell it like I see it!

HappyMadison87 says – reply to this

In response to the other blogs I say, Leave Debbie and Tiffany alone! Tiffany can't just say hey you suck and need a new voice coach, makeup artist and wardrobe! Doesn't Debbie have people who manage her and do that for her? It's not Tiffanys place to do that! Geeze! Tiffanys got more important things to worry about I'm sure! Let Debbie be who she is, who really cares anyway!

Demo says – reply to this

I still love them both!!! Yea Tiffany is the better singer but she always was! Still gotta love em and especially together! They've both become beautiful women! I'm still a fan!

KaylaLovesStyling says – reply to this

Okay here goes again, my comment wouldn't post! Strange… Anyway I wasn't a child of the 80's but I an a definite Tiffany & Debbie fan now! I like Tiffany best tho!! Gotta say I Loooove Tiffanys style & her green top was hot! I would love to get one like it, does anyone know the designer of it or Tiffanys stylist? Please help if anyone knows who makes it!! Also I'm getting married and I absolutely loved Tiffanys makeup on The View! I would love to have my makeup like it for my wedding! Again it's a long shot but does anyone know brand or color of blush & eyeshadow she used? It was so dewey and glowing! The exact look want for wedding! Does any makeup artist have even a guess or know her artist? Well it's worth a shot to try & find out! Anyway, Rock on Ladies!

LoveMusic31 says – reply to this

Okay you people just need to tell it like it is! Debbie Gibson sucked! She sounded okay in this small piece on Perez's blog but if you watched the whole show… OMG! She screeched through her What About Love Performance! It hurt me to watch! Tiffany blew her away!! Wow! They shouldn't put Debbie next to Tiffany. It's like Daylight vs Dark!! Tiffany is better than most singers out there today! I think she will blow the country music scene up! Just wait, in about a year you will see her all over the country scene winning awards! Debbie needs to take singing lessons or something if she's gonna continue in music! Also I agree that Debbie's makeup looked terrible! Who put that leotard dress, velvet coat & nasty green eyeshadow on her?! Fire your makeup artist & stylist Debbie! Again, Tiffany blew her away in that dept as well. Her outfit was classy and makeup was beautiful and sheek! Tiffany looked like the star of the show! Shine on Tiffany, can't wait to see more from u!

CEJ3118 says – reply to this

I love the 80's music and I watched the girls on GMA and The View and I must say…
Tiffany's VOICE gave me cold chills in a good way!!!
Debbie's VOICE gave me cold chills in a bad way!!
Need I say More!

blairbunch says – reply to this

I was blown away by Tiffany's voice!! Debbie on the other hand should have pulled a Milli Vanilli!! Tiffany also looked amazing! Would love to have her make-up artist do mine! Debbie on the other hand should take note…hers was SCARY!! Hope she did not pay too much for the job Would love to see Tiffany on the tour…just do not know if I could stomach Debbie through it!!!!

ShawnO35 says – reply to this

Well this is to Kayla Loves Styling… You were asking about where to get Tiffanys top and you wanted to get your make-up like hers. Well, I was reading this at the salon with some friends who are also upcoming brides & we want to help a fellow bride out so… Heres a few tips for you… I saw a top very similiar in Nordstrom Dept Store, don't know if it was the same one but it looked very similar. Not sure If I remb who made it but it was about $300. So you may wanna check there… Also, I know a lot of make-up artists who said that the look you want is achieveable for a cheaper price then what you would pay for a celebrity make-up artist. I imagine Tiffanys artist is a celebrity make-up person that probably lives in NY, LA or even Nashville since she is a country singer now so You may have to fly the person in depending on where you live. Also I don't know your bridal budget but my make-up artist friends also said it would cost you up in the $1000's for those celebrity make-up artists! So unless you have a limitless budget, me and my fellow make-up artist friends suggest you take the video or picture of Tiffany on the View & go to a local MAC counter to achieve the look. I am sure they could give you what you wanted or get pretty darn close. If not MAC try your local SEPHORA store or Bobbi Brown counter. All good makeup brands with probably good artists… Hope that helped, Congrats on your wedding & hope you get the look you wanted & the top as well!

ThatsLife says – reply to this

Oh Hell yes!! I love these two!! I really wanted to comment on this! Only one thing, I am commenting on the whole show i saw in high definition of View & also what I saw on GMA! This only showed a clip. It's different when you watch the entire show! Debbie wrecked, stabbed, murdered whatever u want to call it on a song at the end of View and flubbed it up to on GMA! Although I am a fan of both ladies just stating what I heard on tv! But a few things I need to talk about. Tiffany is still an amazing singer! She sounded sooooooooo great! Oh Tiffany, I am so glad you are back! You rocked it on GMA and The View! Such a beautiful lady too, your new style is great and your face looked flawless, I guess you just don't age. Whatever you are doing girlfriend, don't stop! Debbie doesn't age either, i am jealous! Ok Debbie, why were you singing like that? Tiffany showed you up big time! I am a fan of yours don't get me wrong. But Debbie oversang her songs! It killed me! Plus the overkill of blue eye shadow on GMA & The view has to go back in the 80's time capsule! Oh Debbie what happened my dear! I love you still Debbie so please change it up! Stop oversinging and dress your age. Those outfits on GMA looked like preteens playing I wanna be a star! I am sorry but you have to do something different if your gonna stand & sing next to Miss Tiffany! Just a fans opinion! Don't shoot the messenger!