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"Dust Off And Dance" by Hydra Productions ft. Tiffany Gets Official Release

"Dust Off And Dance" by Hydra Productions ft. Tiffany Gets Official Release

One of my favourite dance songs of the moment is definitely "Dust Off And Dance" by Hydra Productions featuring Tiffany.

The CD single gets an official release via Perfect Beat and it has been flying off the shelves since it's release - no suprise!

If you'd like to snag a copy for yourself, it's totally worth it and EQ approved, just click here.

"Dust Off And Dance" was number one on the EQ chart for quite awhile back in the summer. It's infectious beat with the silky smooth vocals by pop legend Tiffany make for one of the best records of the year.

If you want to try before you buy, the track has been streaming for months already here at EQ - just check the "Press Play Bitch" section to hear it for yourself!

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Tiffany: We just can’t get enough of Tiffany!

Perfect Beat Weekly E-Mail

October 23, 2008
Yes, More New Tiffany!

New Tiffany: We just can’t get enough of Tiffany! In the last year or so we have been able to bring you 3 different CD singles including this brand new one, Dust Off And Dance. Tiffany teamed up with Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo of Hydra Productions for this new release, which is already getting a buzz. The song is from the full length “Liquid” from Hydra Productions, but more on that in a moment. As for this new single, you get mixes by Klubjumpers, Diego Garcia and Scotty K! We know there are a lot of Tiffany fans out there because we could never keep in stock her 2 previous singles, Just Another Day and of course Higher. Watch our charts to see how well this one does! While preparing this week we did a bit of research on Tiffany and learned a few fun facts. Did you know that in 1985 she was the runner up on Star Search? We also learned that the New Kids On The Block opened for her when she was on tour in 1988 and she even briefly dated Jonathan Knight! But that’s not all… we were also shocked to learn that she was the voice of Judy Jetson in the Jetson’s movie released in 1990! Who knew? Gotta love Wikipedia!

A nice Reviews from

Love Tiffany and am so glad to see more and more independent releases from her. "Dust Off And Dance" is the title of a full length dance remix CD she put out a few years back, though somewhat surprisingly this track is not on that album. It's a really good dance CD with many different styles - Euro, house, even dancehall/reggaeton! (Okay, a very lite "pop" version, but still.) There's also a re-recorded dance version of "I Think We're Alone Now". Perfect Beat would do well to bring in some copies. All the mixes on this single are solid. Klubjumpers/Anthony Webster will probably be the most popular though Scotty K's runs a very close second. But don't overlook the nice and trance-y Gyr8 mix either. Must-have of the week. (G.C., 10/23/2008)

It's great to see another release by Tiffany! I think the best version is the Klubjumpers-Anthony Webster Club Mix of "Dust Off And Dance". Good stuff. Recommended! (W.A., 10/22/2008)

Liquid: Like we mentioned above, this new Tiffany single is taken from the full length CD, Liquid from Hydra Productions. The 2 guys that make up this production team are Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo. Shane is actually the main vocalist on most of the songs. This release not only includes tracks sung by Shane, but also includes featured vocals by other artists like Gioia Bruno, Jade Starling, Kim Esty, Nic Kat, and Stacy Q… Yes, Stacy Q. There are 11 tracks on this release, and sure to be a guilty pleasure for many of you old school dance fans out there. Check out the track ‘Flashback’ by Gioia, which is the first song on the CD. We think this one could be the next single…

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An Interview with TIFFANY: Pop Singer Turned Actress

If you like your music to come from the 80's then you are probably well aware of an artist by the name of Tiffany. At one point and time maybe you wished you could be alone with her as she sang the hit song "I Think We're Alone Now." Considering she was just a kid back then hopefully you were a teen and not of the creepy old perve persuasion. Well, now-a-days Tiffany can no longer be simply introduced as an 80's pop icon because she has escalated her career into much more, touching on to the Billboard charts once again with a dance music hit entitled Higher, parts on television, showing her parts in Playboy, and also delving into movie acting. Her role in the upcoming horror movie Necrosis got my attention and after a little bit of e-mail and phone tag I got connected with Tiffany who was gracious enough to submit to an interview.

A brief summary for the movie: Necrosis is about a group of friends at a cabin in the snow and possibly being terrified by the ghosts of the Donner Party.

To keep tabs on Tiffany and listen to some of her tunes be sure to check out her Myspace page as well as her official site

I thank Tiffany for speaking with me and for those of you who have never had the pleasure of talking on the phone with her she has a very friendly tone and laughs in all the right places. So imagine that as you read on because I didn't type out any sound effects.

What did you have for breakfast?

"A Veggie omelet."

How did you get involved with Necrosis?

"Obviously I have agents and stuff like, it came across my path and I read the script, and then I met the director and the writer and they were really awesome. It is just something I have wanted to do, to get back into acting. It depends on liking the script, liking the part, and meeting the people; feeling like you have something you can really work with. Jason and Robert are awesome."

Anything you can tell us about your character?

"Karen is totally in love with Michael. They've been together in my mind, somewhere around five years and they're going out to have a great time. Michael has just bought a house up in the snow and she is excited. She is kind of a happy-go-lucky kind of girl; very playful and fun to be around."

How is the shoot going so far? Enough snow?

"We got a lot of snow. It was really perfect. It is beautiful out there, absolutely stunning. I'm wrapped now so I'm on my way back home. Today was really, really snowy so I think I got out of there in time."

Did you do any screaming in the movie?

"I don't. I get a chance to be more flirtatious and there are parts where I am a little more freaked out and concerned, but I didn't have to do any screaming. I do end up passing away, but it is done very tastefully."

Will there be any of your music on the soundtrack?

"Yes. There's a song called "Winter's Over." I'm hoping that it will make it, looks like it's a go and I'm real excited about it. It's a song that I wrote in 1993 and it just made it on my last album. I'm thrilled for it to be in the soundtrack. It's totally appropriate, I'm so glad, it just would really compliment, I hope the movie."

Do you have any other acting gigs lined up?

" I have a lot of hosting stuff that is upcoming. I've been given scripts before, but not anything I felt really passionate about and again it was meeting the directors and the writer, and everyone this project has been so great. All of the other actors were wonderful it was really just a lot of fun and that is something...I mean we can go to work trying something new and having a blast with it as well and just feel secure. Everyone is so easy going and there to support each other."

Any horror movies that you like or dislike?

"I'm a vampire girl. Anything that has vampires and that kind of thing. I'm not a big slasher kinda chick. I'm not somebody who will go and see Saw or Hostel. It's too much real life for me; I'm on the road all the time. I stay at some funky places in little towns, so that kind of stuff isn't very fun for me to see. It can make me look at people kinda weird and makes me a little paranoid. I'm really someone that likes zombies, vampires, werewolves, and stuff like that."

Do you have a favorite candidate in the presidential race?

" Not really. I have mixed emotions. I'm pretty reserved when it comes to politics and I make a last minute decision, but I really thoroughly want to hear everyone and check everyone out."

You were on Celebrity Fit Club, do you get any just plain weird offers for shows?

" Constantly. There's always stuff to get involved in that could be potentially weird. Anytime I've done reality tv I've done better with a goal in mind like losing weight, or learning something new. I probably wouldn't do to well hanging out with other celebrities in like the Surreal World or something like that."

Are you grooming your kid for a musical career?

" No, I'm not grooming him to be a musician. If he wanted to I would totally support him. It looks like he might have to be someone who has a real job."

Is Weird Al's song I Think I'm A Clone Now funny?

" Oh I think it's hysterically funny. I totally enjoy it."

What's for dinner?

" We're on the road tonight. More than likely it will be Denny's and lots of coffee. I always love to cook. When we were up at the cabin we all had our own kitchenettes and I made a trip to Wal-Mart the first day and as much as I loved the restaurant up there I couldn't really stay away for a week and not cook something. So one night I cooked chicken marsala."

Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now chronicles two over-obsessed Tiffany Fans

I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW chronicles two over-obsessed Tiffany fans, who's sole purpose in life (or one of the top three life goals, according to one fan) is to marry the burnt-out pop singer.

I saw the film several days ago and I've already heard some criticism on the Slamdance grapevine. Several fellow filmmakers seem to think the documentary does less documenting and more exploiting of these two individuals. While I agree the film doesn't necessarily portray them in a positive light, I don't think they themselves portray themselves positively either--at least in the "normal" mainstream light.

Jeff Turner, a victim of Asperger syndrome, is a likable enough guy and I'd totally hang out with him because he's a vessel of knowledge. However, most of this knowledge is dedicated to his pseudo-relationship with Tiffany. He's taken great steps and read many books in an attempt to justify his idea that Tiffany loves him as much as he "loves" her. For example, Tiffany's appearance in Playboy was apparently a silent gesture of love for Jeff.

Towards the end of the documentary, we learn that he's begun a similar fascination with Alyssa Milano. He even thinks she's gone back in time in order to prevent his relationship with Tiffany! Jeff's innocuous attitude and gentle perspective on life really persuades the viewer to fall in love. He's kooky and fascinating and I really adore him and it's the opinion of this reviewer, that he's portrayed fairly and accurately.

Kelly McCormick, however, is really where I believe all the controversy lies. A hermaphrodite, Kelly already has to deal with a great deal of persecution already. She (I say "she" because Kelly's ultimate desire is to fully become a woman) too believes she's destined to be with Tiffany, but for a very different reason. After a bicycle accident that left her in a coma, she claims she had a vision of a woman who looked just like Tiffany (even though she'd never seen the pop star, nor heard of her) surrounded by a white light and all the other normal comatose visions people claim to have. This vision has thrown her into a tailspin of mental anguish and depression every day she's not with her love. At one point she really breaks down and while I did not feel it was appropriate to laugh as some did, it did disturb me a great deal.

A documentary, in order to stay true to its form, must be unbiased and objective about its subject(s). In this case, the documentarian, Sean Donnelly (this is his first feature film), does just that. He shows these people for who they are and they're more than happy to display themselves. Whether you like them or not, or feel sorry or pity for them, the fact of the matter remains: this documentary is a) true to its form and b) interesting.

Author: Adam Donaghey ( from United States

TIFFANY-Takes us Higher interview

Beginning her career at the tender age of 13, Tiffany's self entitled album ultimately went quadruple platinum. Definitely not a small feat for a youngster, who created the 'Mall Tours' that the likes of Britney Spears right down to Busted have taken full advantage of. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, Tiffany is just as fresh and as original as ever.

Marking her 20th anniversary of her debut arrival on the music scene, Tiffany is always one to express her joys within the industry, whether its new found friends around the world or a pair of Jimmy Choos. Tiffany is here to let us know what's really good as her latest album 'Just me', is set to be a hit as it showcases her new written material: a blend of pop and rock.

Showing that she's not afraid to experiment and venture out beyond her boundaries, Tiffany bares all.

Not afraid of new conquests, this 80's pop princess has grown to become a full fledged singer/songwriter in her own right and is back!

You appeared on American Idol this year - what do you think about shows like this and the way they bring kids into the industry, in a way that never used to happen when you were starting out?
Tiffany: They're not really kids, I mean Jordan is one of the youngest we've had, so I don't feel like it's a 10 year old we're subjecting to the industry. American idol is a great show because it shows singers, who have talent .If you can go through all of that pressure, it really grooms you for the music industry, it shows if you are a professional or not and shows if you've got what it takes to really be in the industry.

You also starred in Hit Me Baby One More Time and Celebrity Fit Club. Are you a fan of reality TV?
Tiffany: Well it depends, it really depends on the things that I am interested in, there are talks of doing Hell's Kitchen, and I really love to cook. You're doing it on TV and it's to see how you'd deal with pressure.

You're looking amazing these days. How do you keep in shape?
Tiffany: It's just about a different way of eating, and it really does work, I mean you'll keep the weight off, you'll have more energy and that's what I've been doing. There are times I'd be in the gym, I go for walks, I do cardio, I do weight training, yoga, so you know when you work this hard, and you want to keep maintaining it. If your craving sugars have an apple, have a bowl of fruit not junk food.

Do you ever cringe when you look back at the clothes you used to wear?
Tiffany: All the time and unfortunately I still cringe like from like 6 years ago sometimes, I am adventurous, I like to do different things, I love to change my hair and try different styles, for me I am kinda like a gypsy like that, sometimes I like different things, sometimes I like to be dressed up, sometimes I don't. I really try to have a lot of fun, so you know sometimes we make mistakes or what ever, but for the most part ,when I look back at my past, I didn't really have any fashion sense. I didn't really have any guidance, I just wore what I liked and I look at back at some of those jumpers and am like 'What was I thinking?'.

What has been the most cherished item you have bought abroad and why?
Tiffany: You know what? I'm a big CHANEL fan so, so I would say those are kinda what I like, I would say. I'm not like a really glamour girl, I love high fashion but I love vintage too.

What single thing would improve your well-being/or lifestyle?
Tiffany: I would say, probably it's a personal thing, patience. Sometimes that puts pressure on people around me, I wake up with bells on and jump out of bed and am a multi tasker, I get a lot done, and that's just the way I've always been so, I do sometimes expect people to be running around at the same pace.

What are you passionate about outside of music?
Tiffany: I'm real passionate about Dog Charities you know, obviously fitness and health, I love to garden, I love to plant, to have greenery and life around me. I love to cook, and this year I learned a lot about Lupus, and I try to support, and go to functions and events to bring awareness. Its something that affects women mostly and it can affect you at any age. I know of a girl that got diagnosed with it, it's a very scary disease. I've been in the industry for over 25 years, so it is time to give back I feel.

I understand you spend quite a bit of time in Staffordshire over here in the UK. It must be pretty different to life in the US. How do you find it?
Tiffany: I love it and I miss the quaintness when I am away, I don't really want to drive, am too scared to. I can just walk across the bridge and everything is there. I can walk to the local butchers or the gym; I love that because you know nobody walks in LA

What music are you listening to these days?
Tiffany: I am a big Amy Winehouse and David Gray fan. When he was State side I didn't get to see him, but at some point I'd love to see him live because I know he'd be everything I'd expect him to be. I am really eclectic, so I listen to everything.

You're a mother of a teenage son: what kind of music is your son into?
Tiffany: He listens to 9 Inch Nails, I think.

And what does your son think of your music? Is he interested in going into the industry?
Tiffany: He's not really interested, he's so funny. I have a new song out and it's a jazz remix, done by a remixer over here and am so proud of it. So I call him down to listen to it and he comes down like really slow like 'do I have to'? But overall, he is very supportive of my career

What's the best thing about being on the road? What do you look most forward to when touring?
Tiffany: I've travelled since I was 14. I not only have a lot of fans, I have a lot of friends all over the world, so whenever I go out , we look forward to seeing those people. We spend time in their houses, we cook food, and we hang out. Sometimes I'd check out of my hotel to go spend time with my friends, that's what I love. Also because I am with someone that's a native they know all the cool spots, they know the best places to eat.

Has music opened up other interesting hobbies/or avenues for you?
Tiffany: Been working on the acting side of things for myself. I don't want to become this 'actress' type but roles do come for me all the time. There have been a few things that I've been interested in, but I have been on the road or in the studio so I didn't have the time to commit. I am hoping by the end of the year I'll have something I can really work with.

Do you have more control over your career now than you did when you were a teenager?
Tiffany: Yeah, definitely, I definitely have a say. I love that can make decisions. I love that I can be at a friend's birthday if I need to be. I try to be the best person I can be and the best professional I can be.

What's a typical day in the life of Tiffany like?
Tiffany: I would say I get up early around 6.30, then I do the cleaning, am a little anal on the whole house cleaning. I'd have my coffee and then soon after I'd hit the gym. I'll try to get back around 10 or 10:30am. I'll look at my emails and make my phone calls, speak to everyone that I'd need to. Then I make dinner too, I try to keep my day as solid as I can, because it's like a rhythm for me.

What makes you happy?
Tiffany: My son and having great friends and family.

Which pop acts are impressing you most at the moment?
Tiffany: Alicia Keys, but that's a hard one because am so all over the map,

What projects have you got on the moment?
Tiffany: Well, I'll be looking at some scripts. I've got the summer tour coming up and I'd also like to have my own boutique in California - I am a shopaholic, so its inevitable I'd want to go down that route.

And what's next for Tiffany?
Tiffany: I always have ideas and stuff that I want to do, I finished my song writing project. I'd like to have a small movie role by the end of the year. Like I mentioned before I'd like to open my own boutique, own my own business, I love to shop and I have loads of clothes so I'd like to invest in that.

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Scotty K Vocal Klub Mix" of "Dust Off And Dance" featuring Tiffany is now available worldwide in stores on "Global Groove Live 4-DJ Scotty K."


New York, NY, October 1: Now that Fall has officially arrived, Travelocity and Centaur are thrilled to present the Fall segment of the 2008 Global Groove Tour featuring the exciting young talent of DJ Scotty K. on the new album "Global Groove: Live 4". Thrust into the spotlight as the original DJ on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Scotty has also caught major accolades for his production skills which he showcases on "Global Groove: Live 4" with his own remixes of "I Kissed A Girl" and #1 pop artist Tiffany's new song "Dust Off And Dance". The official release date is October 14.

"Scotty adds such an incredible energy to the Global Groove brand," says Centaur's Chief Operating Officer Jamie Baxter. "His upbeat vibe and refreshing song selection, coupled with his stellar mixing skills and remarkable remix success make him a perfect choice for the Global Groove brand. We couldn't be happier with the result."

The Los Angeles Times calls DJ Scotty K. " of LA's premiere DJs" who consistently delivers the music that club-goers want to hear. Starting his music career as a DJ in New York City over ten years ago, Scotty was a regular at local hot spots Spike and Twirl before moving west in 2001 to a make music his full-time occupation. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Scotty was quickly snatched up to become the head DJ at West Hollywood's popular Here Lounge, impressing the lounge owners with his vibrant sound. In 2003 Scotty was hired by The Ellen Degeneres Show and made television history as daytime television's first "DJ", in lieu of a band and bandleader. Behind the scenes Scotty was also honing his remix and production skills and scored his first Billboard #1 song with a remix of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man" that remained on top of the Hot Dance Club Play chart for two consecutive weeks.

"I was thrilled and excited when I was asked to work on a compilation for Centaur," says Scotty K. "I make it a goal to provide music that makes people feel elevated and makes them feel happy to be alive. I wanted to keep the entire feel of the CD fun, fresh and familiar while putting my own signature sound and mark on it."

"Global Groove: Live 4" combines some of the biggest chart hits to come from the dance and pop genre, each taking on a unique reworking to allow them to blend together seamlessly. Remakes of "I Kissed A Girl", "Cry For You" and Linkin Park's mega-hit "Shadow Of The Day" give Scotty's mix the bounce that he is known for, and the undiscovered gems "Falling For You", "Danz (Devotion)" and Keo Nozari's "Rewind" definitely stretch the smile ear to ear with their infectious energy. Not without his own collection of heavy hitting girls, Scotty also incorporates the latest from dance divas Alyson, Robin, Tina Sugandh and pop-icon Tiffany, as well as the soon-to-be-huge Chris Cox mix of "What I Want" by Fireball.

Centaur is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of one song from "Global Groove: Live 4" in an exclusive online promotion for anyone who visits This offer begins on October 14, 08.

"Global Groove: Live 4" will be available in stores nationwide including Virgin Megastore, Best Buy, and online at Also available for digital download on iTunes and

About the Global Groove Tour:
Centaur introduced the groundbreaking Global Groove CD series to the world in 2000, offering a fresh and exciting new promise to dance music lovers in the gay community. With the addition of the Global Groove Tour in 2004, Centaur raised the bar and created the most extensive club tour promotion for the most recognized gay consumer brand in music. In January 2007, Centaur also added a Spring and Fall segment to the Global Groove Tour offering more opportunities for Global Groove fans to have a live experience.

The 2008 Global Groove Tour is presented by Travelocity and Centaur. Each host venue will be outfitted with promotional CDs and gift bags valued at $100 that include great items from the Global Groove Tour Sponsors. Instinct Magazine, Edge Publications and are the National Media Sponsors, making it the most highly publicized tour event in the gay community this year including print, online and voice messaging. Additional Global Groove Tour Sponsors include, Interactive Male, and The Out Club.

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Dust Off And Dance -The Remixes featuring Tiffany

Dust Off And Dance -The Remixes featuring Tiffany

Dust Off And Dance -The Remixes featuring Tiffany
The "Dust Off And Dance" cd maxi single not only includes the hit remixes
from Klubjumpers-Anthony Webster and DJ Scotty K but also spotlight's Canada's
Colin McMillan (GYR8 Productions) and Brazil's Diego Garcia

Please buy at this site

Track Listing

1. Klubjumpers / Anthony Webster Club Mix
2. Scotty K. Vocal Klub Mix
3. GYR8 Remix
4. Klubjumpers / Anthony Webster Radio Edit
5, Scotty K. Radio Mix
6. Scotty K.'s Dusty Dub
7. Diego Garcia Digital Mix
8. Album Version

11 Questions with Tiffany By Brad Evans

11 Questions with Tiffany
By Brad Evans

1)You were discovered by singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton who was more of a folk/country singer songwriter. How did this come about? Well, I started singing, professionally, when I was nine years old. My Stepfather would just hit up people. He saw Hoyt was playing at the Palimno Club, and by that time I had played with a few bands. He actually went up and just asked him. But Hoyt was nice enough to say okay. I was taken in a back door, and got to sing with him, and then I was taken out of the Club.

2) Then the tour of shopping malls began? After that, I did demos, and I was actively pursuing country music. I was growing up in California, I was going to school, but I sand wherever I could. I sang at grocery stores, schools, VFWs. There were some opportunities for me to sing at my school, But growing up in a Latin Community and singing country, wasn’t’ working. So I was getting a lot of ribbing… So I started thinking, well, if I’m going to sing in front of the public maybe I shouldn’t sing country. I had discovered Stevie Knicks at that time. So I was thinking maybe I can do this. It wasn’t like crazy rock. So I started changing my set list. I started singing Rosanne Cash, Stevie Knicks sort of stuff. And that led me to the world of Pop.

Some might give you credit for giving New Kids on the Block their big break, by casting them as your opening act when they were nobody. We ended up signing with the same agent. I was doing my usual lunch backstage, and my agent brought them back. They came backstage and performed for me and my best friend, I always had a friend on tour with me during the summer, cause I was the only kid out there, I just thought they were great. and we loved them and asked them to come along. So I put them on that night. Nobody was going on before me. I got in big trouble for that. My manager got so mad. He thought I went crazy. But it worked out. They were a lot of fun to have out on the road.

4) How did that work out, touring with a group of young, hot singers?

Well they were older than me. We got the best of both worlds. I was touring and living my dream at the same time. It was great to have people around that were fun to be around. And of course I started dating Jonathan Knight.

5) Why do you think we’re seeing so many of the bands from the 80’s come back for more?
I’m not sure. I think there is an element of fun. They have a new album, so it’s not just coming back. They are back to making music again and that’s a great thing.

6) But you’ve continually toured and written songs right. Do you think the Tiffany from the past has made it harder or easier on you to get noticed these days? A little of both. It opens up doors but you still have a lot to prove. People have a perception about you and it’s hard to get past that. It’s hard to get change your image. Not so much to the public, as much as it is the corporate marketers. But for example, the public is waiting with open arms for New Kids on the Block. I think as long as the music is good. But marketing execs are always like “well do we want to go Singer vs. Singer/songwriter.” They are always asking themselves those sorts of questions. I believe that if the performance is good, the music is good, and then there is room enough for everyone, for every type of music out there. I think it all goes back to the written song.

7) You knew about the hardships of being a Teen Queen long before it was cool to raise your skirt in public. What advice would you have given someone like Britney Spears if you’d have had the chance? It’s hard to think about someone else. They have it worse than I did. We’ve lowered the bar a little bit. It’s okay to be messy and the public wants to see that. For me it’s just not okay. I’ve done reality TV and I’m okay with people seeing me as an artist. I just don’t appreciate the whole, Jerry Springer out thing. I like The Osbournes, it showed them as people, but it didn’t show them all out of control or anything. And since then we’ve just gone downhill. Celebrities are people. They just live in the moment, and it’s harder to do that today. Even me, when I dated Jonathan Knight, we had to keep that quiet. We tried to keep it about the music and validate ourselves as artist.

8) But a lot of times you were a big story. The whole mess with your parents etc... Did that make it hard to think about the music?
Yeah, it did. . I loved my parents. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that you can live with them or be in that environment. When you get lawyers, they bring out all the messiness. A lot of things came out about my family that I never intended to reveal. At the end of the day I think we were all like “how did we get here.” If we had just kept that in the family then people wouldn’t have had to get all up in our face.

9) So after Celebrity Fit Club, do you think your stint on reality TV went well? It was great. It was interesting. I’ve done the reality TV series that I thought were athletic or interesting, and I had a lot of fun. I’m not going to be all drama; I did have a few moments though. Maureen McCormick was great. Ross was my buddy. Dustin Diamond and I have just done a show together, for Hulk Hogan celebrity wrestling. I got involved with that because I’m a HUGE Hulk Hogan. My stepfather was a big wrestling fan and that was like the only thing he was involved with that I thought was cool. The rest of the time I really didn’t like him you know. So I had a great time with Dustin as well.

9) You appeared topless in Playboy several years before Debbie Gibson. What brought that about?

I think it was the frustration about having a past. I was working an album. Doing a college tour. Thousands of people were coming to these free concerns. I was signed with an indie label, which can be great, but this was really sloppy. They didn’t have any product out of the road. And I couldn’t get rid of this image I thought I had. I came back on the tour sort of disillusioned. You know what you can commit too. If I say something I expect it to happen. My name is out there and people read about it, they don’t know that XY and Z didn’t work out. So they think about what went wrong and attribute that to you. When I came back there was all this frustration. Playboy was on the table. I didn’t get it but it was an Honor. And I said, you know what? This will totally blow this perception that you were one thing and one thing only. I was also going through a divorce. I thought, wow this would be good for me as a woman too. So I went for it, and it was great. I took a meeting with them first, but it went really well and it was a lot of fun.

So much fun that Debbie Gibson decided it was a good idea huh?

Yeah she did. We’re great friends, but at first, she was like “Oh I’m so sorry you have to do this.” And six months later I saw her and was like “ooh girl…you’re missing your dress.”

10) What’s different about The Tiffany of the 80’s and the One of Today? What can we expect from you at the upcoming show at Club Synergy?
I do some of the old and some of the new. I just had song hit #`18 on the dance charts. I wrote it for a soundtrack for a movie. A few months later, a DJ came up and asked if he could take it and see what he could do with it. It was a compliment as a writer that someone wanted to do that. And it has sort of spawned this new thing. Obviously people want to hear “I think we’re along now” and I love doing that song. I get kick of seeing the 18 years old who didn’t experience the mall tour and don’t’ really know who I am, but they still like the song.

11) This is the last question, I’m sure you get tired of the 80’s stuff, but What fashion disaster to you most regret when looking back at your '80s Pop Idol wardrobe? Wow. There were a lot of them. My worst. There was a show called Pop The Top in England. I wore this long dress that looked like a tulip but upside down, and these huge snap up granny boots, and these huge puffy extra shoulder pad things. It was all pastel. And I’m a red-head, we don’t do pastels. It was terrible. I married and English guy, so we go to England often, and sometimes I’ll catch the re-run. That was actually picked out by a stylist. But I think I would have been better off on my own.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Think We’re Alone Now Review, Fantastic Fest 2008

I Think We’re Alone Now Review, Fantastic Fest 2008
By Karina Longworth
posted 2 weeks ago

If distributors came to Fantastic Fest this year looking for the next Timecrimes, and badge holders descended hungry for a peek at the next There Will Be Blood, it’s interesting that one of the most talked about films on the schedule has ended up being not a world premiere, not a surprise preview of an Oscar contender, not an unknown international oddity, and not even, really, a genre film, but a documentary made by an American 25 year-old which has been on the festival circuit for nine months.

And yet, the popularity of I Think We’re Alone Now (otherwise known as The Tiffany Stalker Movie) at Fantastic Fest makes a certain perfect sense, and not just because this audience is accustomed to stories of sexual obsession (usually fictional, usually much gorier). In putting a camera in the faces of two lonely, mentally unwell adults, who are both desperate for the attention but incapable of filtering their stories, director Sean Donnelly has made what could be classified as an exploitation film. But even more appropriate for the venue, it’s an exploitation film tailor-made for anyone familiar with unrequited longing, and it wouldn’t work at all if Donnelly’s genuine care for his subjects didn’t shine through.

Donnelly, who grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, began filming middle-aged local character Jeff Turner when he was a sophomore in college. Jeff, who has Asperger’s, is full of stories, which he related in a rapid-fire ramble. Eventually, he reveals evidence of his “special relationship” with Tiffany, the 80s teen pop singer–turned–Celebreality staple. Jeff goes back and forth between referring to Tiffany as his true love (who, he claims, posed for PLAYBOY as a coded message just for him) and his best friend, but perhaps the most “special” thing about their bond is that Tiffany got a restraining order against Jeff when he showed up to her emancipation hearing in the late 80s hoping to give the star a samurai sword. (We see the restraining order in a folder full of papers, including press clippings about the incident and Jeff’s returned letters to Tiffany, all written in careful schoolgirl’s cursive).

Seemingly unrelated to Jeff but commonly disturbed, Denver-based Kelly is an intersex woman whose apartment walls are plastered with black and white photographs of Tiffany. While Jeff’s delusions––from his insistence that he and Tiffany psychicly communicate via some kind of a helmet, to his conviction that all of the attendees of an erotic convention had already been saved by God––mostly manifest themselves in skewed assumptions about the outside world, Kelly can’t even get to that point, because she’s so deluded about her self. Where Jeff uses his own disability insurance to travel the Southwest attending any and every Tiffany event he can, Kelly’s never even been to a Tiffany concert. She loves from afar, sadly admitting that “Cupid never came around” to her house, but maintaining that she and Tiffany are destined to be together. Living on SSDI governmental assistance since an accident that left her in a coma for weeks, the 30-something Kelly seems to be mentally stuck at a much earlier age; in addition to her immature insistence ideas about romance, Kelly brags and exaggerates about her physique and athletic prowess like a child.

If this sounds creepy, at times, it is. Donnelly offers more than a few opportunities to laugh and/or cringe at the obsessive Tiffany fans, but it’s the sadness of their situations that ends up staying with you. Though the stalkers are obviously living in extreme states of fantasy, there’s a thread to their emotional mania that should be recognizable to anyone who has ever felt like they “deserved” love they couldn’t get, to anyone who’s been rendered powerless by their attraction to someone who just doesn’t care. It’s to Donnelly’s credit that he stays with his subjects until their respective cloud covers part a bit, but we never get the sense that there will be anything like “normal” romance awaiting either Jeff or Kelly. I Think We’re Alone Now never artificially humanizes its characters, but it makes it a little easier to understand how a life almost totally devoid of affection or compassion could help treatable psychological issues mutate into unnavigable madness.

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