Friday, October 24, 2008

New Tiffany: We just can’t get enough of Tiffany!

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October 23, 2008
Yes, More New Tiffany!

New Tiffany: We just can’t get enough of Tiffany! In the last year or so we have been able to bring you 3 different CD singles including this brand new one, Dust Off And Dance. Tiffany teamed up with Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo of Hydra Productions for this new release, which is already getting a buzz. The song is from the full length “Liquid” from Hydra Productions, but more on that in a moment. As for this new single, you get mixes by Klubjumpers, Diego Garcia and Scotty K! We know there are a lot of Tiffany fans out there because we could never keep in stock her 2 previous singles, Just Another Day and of course Higher. Watch our charts to see how well this one does! While preparing this week we did a bit of research on Tiffany and learned a few fun facts. Did you know that in 1985 she was the runner up on Star Search? We also learned that the New Kids On The Block opened for her when she was on tour in 1988 and she even briefly dated Jonathan Knight! But that’s not all… we were also shocked to learn that she was the voice of Judy Jetson in the Jetson’s movie released in 1990! Who knew? Gotta love Wikipedia!

A nice Reviews from

Love Tiffany and am so glad to see more and more independent releases from her. "Dust Off And Dance" is the title of a full length dance remix CD she put out a few years back, though somewhat surprisingly this track is not on that album. It's a really good dance CD with many different styles - Euro, house, even dancehall/reggaeton! (Okay, a very lite "pop" version, but still.) There's also a re-recorded dance version of "I Think We're Alone Now". Perfect Beat would do well to bring in some copies. All the mixes on this single are solid. Klubjumpers/Anthony Webster will probably be the most popular though Scotty K's runs a very close second. But don't overlook the nice and trance-y Gyr8 mix either. Must-have of the week. (G.C., 10/23/2008)

It's great to see another release by Tiffany! I think the best version is the Klubjumpers-Anthony Webster Club Mix of "Dust Off And Dance". Good stuff. Recommended! (W.A., 10/22/2008)

Liquid: Like we mentioned above, this new Tiffany single is taken from the full length CD, Liquid from Hydra Productions. The 2 guys that make up this production team are Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo. Shane is actually the main vocalist on most of the songs. This release not only includes tracks sung by Shane, but also includes featured vocals by other artists like Gioia Bruno, Jade Starling, Kim Esty, Nic Kat, and Stacy Q… Yes, Stacy Q. There are 11 tracks on this release, and sure to be a guilty pleasure for many of you old school dance fans out there. Check out the track ‘Flashback’ by Gioia, which is the first song on the CD. We think this one could be the next single…

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