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Tiffany - Johnny's Got The Inside Moves (Live in the UK 2017)

Tiffany and her band, Jennifer Friend, Trevor Finlay and Tony "TC" Castillo performing Johnny's Got The Inside Moves from her 1987 debut album at The Premier Suite in Cannock, UK

Tiffany - Can't Stop Falling (Live in the UK 2017)

Tiffany - Can't Stop Falling (Live in the UK 2017)

Tiffany - Can't Stop Falling (Live in the UK 2017)

Singer-songwriter Tiffany debuts new single "Can't Stop Falling"

Tiffany Can't stop falling Bristol

Review: Tiffany impressive on new radio single 'Can't Stop Falling' SPECIAL

Former teen queen Tiffany is back with her brand new radio single, "Can't Stop Falling," and it is a refreshing and sassy tune.

The song is mid-tempo, upbeat and inspirational. 
Tiffany's powerhouse voice helps elevate it to a higher level.
Most recently, Tiffany premiered her new single "Can't Stop Falling" on national television on Good Morning Washington,
which was televised on ABC 7 News - WJLA, where she was backed solely on acoustic guitar.
Throughout her music career, her songs "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Could've Seen" spent two weeks (each) at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.
The Verdict
Overall, Tiffany delivers on "Can't Stop Falling." Her vocals are pure as the driven snow. She is one of those singers that can sing the phone book and she has the ability to make that sound amazing. This new single garners an A rating.
For more information on Tiffany and her new music, check out her official websiteand her Facebook page.
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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Review: Tiffany exceptional on latest studio album 'A Million Miles' SPECIAL

Former teen queen Tiffany is back with her latest studio album, "A Million Miles," and it is a solid collection of songs.

Her latest studio offering opens with the mid-tempo "Cry," and it is followed by the piano-driven ballad, "History," where she is able the high notes effortlessly. The title track "A Million Miles" is a melancholic tune that really tugs at the heartstrings.
"Fall Again" is a well-written song from an acoustic standpoint. "Right Here" is the album's strong lead-off single. The melodically and lyrically infectious "Daddy's Girl" is one of those songs that will certainly put a smile on one's face.
She picks up the pace with the mid-tempo "Waking up for the First Time," and the female narrator admits that she can't get over a prior romance in "Get Over You." It closes with the slow-moving ballad "Lady and Her Man" and the poignant yet poetic "Tears."
A Million Miles is available on Amazon.
The Verdict
Overall, Tiffany is back stronger than ever on A Million Miles. She is not afraid to display her vulnerability as a recording artist, and it shows. Tiffany is such an underrated female vocalist and this new record deserves more than just a passing glance. This album garners an A rating.
For more information on multi-platinum-selling musician Tiffany and her new album, check out her official website.
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Review: Tiffany brings powerhouse pipes to New York's Gramercy Theatre SPECIAL

New York - On Sept. 7, former teen queen Tiffany performed at Gramercy Theatre in the heart of New York City, for an intimate group of fans.

She shared the stage with Kathryn Dean, who delivered a killer opening set thanks to her crisp vocals.
Tiffany began her show with the spitfire "History," where she showcased her trademark pipes. "Thank you. How are you guys feeling?" she asked, prior to praising the crowd for singing the new album. "I'm very proud to be here tonight. Thank you for having us."
The former teen queen noted that she has been living in Nashville for the past nine years, and she went on to introduce her incredible band. It was followed by a solo, piano-driven rendition of "A Million Miles Away," which really tugged at the heart, as yellow lights dimmed from the stage, capturing the essence of the song.
"Eventually, I will take off these heels and we will rock it out," she said, and immediately broke into yet another moving ballad, "Daddy's Girl." "I'm free. Yay. Cheers everybody," Tiffany said, as she finally was able to get out of her heels.
She had the audience clapping along with her on "Cry," where she was accompanied by shakers and acoustic guitar. She revealed that she has been in the music industry for the past 28 years, and she continues to grow as a songwriter and producer each day. She loves her fans and dedicated her latest single "Right Here" to them. She is proud of the fact that she sings even better in her live shows, though her albums are all terrific.
"Fall Again" was one of the more "downer" moments of her set, while "Love You Good" had a Cajun vibe to it, especially since she is a fan of vampires, and it showed off her sassy side.
One of the first songs she ever wrote was "Winter's Over" and she was able to dust off that tune and gave it a fresh touch. She noted that her fans and Debbie Gibson's fans share the same fan-base, and Tiffany acknowledged that they are both friends, while she is "crazier" than Gibson.
"Here is My Heart," penned by Diane Warren, was a dedication to the late Ryan White, and she nailed the vocal, which earned her a standing ovation, as red lights graced the stage. She was proud to have recorded the song and to have filmed its music video in France.
"I have a lot of ballads," she said. "I love sad and heartbreak songs," she added, prior to picking up the pace with the upbeat and rocking "I Saw Him Standing There," where blue lights dimmed from the stage, as Tiffany played the tambourine.
"Hold an Old Friend's Hand" was soothing and heartwarming, as if Tiffany were singing a lullaby. She had the fans clapping along on "Open My Eyes," where she was accompanied by percussion and shakers. After expressing her love for her fans and for thanking them for coming out to see her, she went on to belt out her chart-topping ballad "Could've Been," where midway through the song, she suffered technical difficulties, where her microphone malfunctioned, yet she decided to do it over and went into the audience, which was well-received by all.
For her final performance, she brought out keyboard player "Sky" and percussionist Mike Maenza from the 80's cover band Jessie's Girl, and they all delivered an empowering version of her signature tune, "I Think We're Alone Now," which Tiffany blew out of the park.
The Verdict
Overall, Tiffany was amazing at Gramercy Theatre in New York City thanks to her powerhouse vocals. She displayed a tremendous amount of talent and charisma as she performed new songs from her latest studio album, as well as her classics. Her band members and surprise guests from Jessie's Girl were all superb. Tiffany's live show in New York earned five out of five stars.
Digital Journal reviewed Tiffany's latest studio album, A Million Miles.
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