Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Former teen sensation Tiffany rose to fame singing her 1987 hit “I Think We’re Alone Now” in shopping centers across the country, and now, 26 years later, she’s back at the mall.
This time, however, she’s participating in the Klondike Celebrity Challenge, a social media campaign that dares celebs to perform wacky tasks to get a Klondike bar.
For her challenge, Tiffany stopped by a local mall and decided to sing “in all the places I wasn’t allowed to sing in before!”
Watch the singer surprise unsuspecting shoppers in Klondike’s official video:
Tiffany’s original mall tour, The Beautiful You: Celebrating the Good Life Shopping Mall Tour ’87, propelled her to stardom, but the tour almost didn’t happen.
In a 2011 interview with, Tiffany revealed she began her career singing in clubs as a teenager:
“The label didn’t really know what to do with me,” she said. “They put me in clubs and I was 16 and it wasn’t working because I wasn’t even old enough to be in a club. People liked the music, but it just wasn’t gelling. It was my A&R guy over at MCA Records who was at the mall with his kids one day and looked around and said, ‘What about singing in a mall?’ It totally made sense to me because that was really where I hung out. So it was really easy for me. It created a mean shopping habit for me, but I had a blast with it!”
She added that although she liked singing “I Think We’re Alone Now,” her favorite song was actually “Could’ve Been.”
“It shows that I can sing. That was something that was always really important to me,” she said. “I’m a vocalist. So when I was given songs like ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ I was like, ‘I like dance stuff, but I don’t know if that’s the type of artist that I want to be.’ And then ‘Could’ve Been’ came along and I jumped at the chance to record that because it really did show that I could sing. And I’m a melancholy type by nature. I love good ol’ love songs and heartbreak songs — probably because I always pick the wrong guy to date! So I could relate to those songs.”
Watch the original 1987 music video of “I Think We’re Alone Now”:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Why Is Tiffany Performing at a Mall Again? Watch the Crazy Video!

Tiffany hit it huge back in the late '80s by performing "I Think We're Alone Now" at malls across America -- and now, at the age of 41, she's doing it all over again.

...for a Klondike Bar.

The singer is the latest to join the ice cream company's "Klondike Celebrity Challenge," where fans dared her to return to the mall circuit and sing her big hit 26 years after it hit #1 on the charts.

toofab has the exclusive premiere of her video above. 

The singer also talked to toofab's Brian Particelli about living in Nashville with her husband, son and 9 dogs, being a child star and revealed if she's sick of singing the same song over and over again.

toofab: How did this partnership with Klondike come about?

Tiffany: I was always a fan of Klondike. I used to have Klondike bars on my tour rider! I thought it was completely funny and wanted to know what fans wanted me to do. 

toofab: Why return to the mall?

Tiffany: The range of ideas [for the challenge] was really diverse, from sky diving to shaving my hair. A lot of people know me from singing in a mall, that's how I got started. So to go back ... I think the true ham in me came out. I went for it and it was a lot of fun.

toofab: Do you get tired of singing "I Think We're Alone Now"?

Tiffany: I never get burnt out singing it. I've done every version of the song you can do, acoustic, even a ska version. Even people now are rediscovering the song and it has its own life. I'm grateful!

toofab: Do you think it's harder to be a teen star these days? 

Tiffany: A little bit, there's so much to distract you. There is no place to hide, people are more in your business now than in the '80s. I didn't have to worry about people outside my home! 

toofab: You've done some crazy things in your career, from reality shows to SyFy movies, is there anything that made you go "No, I won't do that"?

Tiffany: There have definitely been things that didn't fit with my brand. Especially now that my fans are getting to know me as a woman, a mom.

toofab: You were part of the denim jacket craze of the '80s -- and now I hear you're starting your own line. Tell us about that.Tiffany: Ha, I am! That's been in the works for 5 years now. I want it to be in specialty shops, in boutiques and on my tour. I'm trying to keep them one of a kind. I'm actually wearing one of my designs in the video.

toofab: How do you like living in Nashville and working at your own boutique?

Tiffany: Being born and raised in L.A., it seemed like I was always distracted. I never really had my home as my sanctuary. Coming to Nashville, I can do more of my songwriting, people can just come over for writing sessions, it's grounding. And opening up my own boutique is something I've always wanted to do.

toofab: As a SyFy movie veteran, what did you think about the "Sharknado" hoopla? Tiffany: I didn't see it ... but social media is fabulous! There's that opportunity to put something out there and people just start talking about it. You can build a fire. I think it's really awesome to throw something out there and it becomes a bit thing overnight!

For more about Tiffany's boutique, check out her official website!