Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early 80's Pop star TIFFANY next to go to Country?

From The Huntsville Times

Tiffany, the pop star of the 1980s, going country?

It could happen.

"I've had success after 20 years, and my fans have really been supportive of my new music, but my heart is in country music," said Tiffany, who is performing Saturday night at Partners. "I started off in country music, mostly country rock.

"I enjoy playing with a full band and love Emmylou Harris, Rosanne Cash and Stevie Nicks. So it's a new pursuit for me, and I have some songs under my belt.

"Dance music has opened up a lot of doors for me, and that may be my fan base, but I think they're ready to see me in a new musical adventure."
Tiffany actually debuted in 1981 with country singer Jack Reeves and eventually sang on the same tours as George Jones and Jerry Lee Lewis. She is currently working with songwriters in Nashville and hopes to take some of her country songs on the road soon. In Huntsville, she will perform her "old-school '80s and high-energy dance stuff."

"Hopefully, I'll be able to get a (country) project together by the end of the year, either by funding it myself or looking at labels," Tiffany said.
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