Saturday, January 15, 2011

OMG! A Chance to Watch the MPvG Premiere with Tiffany and Debbie!

The best news ever (for non-Asylum and SyFy employees, that is) was dropped today: a chance to win a trip to NYC for the premiere of Mega Python vs Gatoroid attended by...stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany!

It's a pretty cool package actually: 2 roundtrip ticket to the Big Apple, ground transpo to and from the airport, 3 days/2 nights accommodations, a pair of tickets to the premiere and a pair of tickets to the exclusive after party, where you'll have a chance to rub elbows and clink glasses with two of the hottest former-pop-idols/burgeoning-scream-queens known to man. No word as of yet whether Mega Python or Gatoroid will be in attendance, I guess it all depends on how the film ends.

Check out The Asylum's post on the matter here, then pop over to the official rules for info on how to enter. But hurry, you only have until January 17, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (8:59 pm for us West Coasters) to get yourself entered. The premiere itself drops on January 24 and shows at the beautiful, historic Ziegfeld Theater in midtown Manhattan.

There are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and then there are things so rare, so special, they occur even less than that, once-in-several-lifetimes, once-in-never. This, my friends and fellow committed, is one of those latter opportunities. May the best man (or woman) win.

BTW: if any of my readers are lucky enough to win this sweepstakes and are able to take photos at the premiere and after party, email them to me and I'll post 'em, as well as send you a treat!
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