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OK, admit it, you love those campy SyFy movies where the gigantic fish, rats, dinosaurs and more terrorize and threaten to destroy the world. Yeah, me too – and guess what? pop singer Tiffany loves them as well.

It’s a good thing that she does digs those pics because Tiffany’s starring with fellow singer, Debbie Gibson in Mega Python vs. Gateroid (9:00 p.m. ET/PT, SyFy), where the alligators that Tiffany has enhanced meet the pythons Gibson has juiced up, nearly wipe out the planet.

“I would love to do more work in the sci-fi realm,” she acknowledges. “It’s like being a kid in your backyard imagining creatures…and that’s what I used to do. I used to be in the backyard singing and acting, playing with my stuffed animals and pretending they were monsters were going to get me. So, I’m so in my element.”

Tiffany plays Terry, an over-zealous park ranger who is passionate about preserving the ecological balance in the Everglades. So doesn’t it just make sense she’d feed the gators mass doses of growth hormone? OK, perhaps not, but she’s not alone. Gibson stars as Nicky, a fanatical animal-rights activist who releases the pythons into the same area.

MEGA PYTHON VS. GATOROID -- "World Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on Monday, January 24, 2011" -- PIctured: (l-r) Tiffany, Debbie Gibson -- Photo by: David Giesbrecht/Syfy

Tiffany admits the combination of two pop stars battle gigantic, creepy monsters - and each other - were all the right ingredients to make the filming a big hoot of an adventure.

“ We really had a good laugh about that,” Tiffany begins adding, “and we had a catfight where we were throwing around cake and pies and all kinds of food groups. We ended up in a swamp at the end of the fight - they really milked that catfight scene.”

Who’d have thought sci-fi and a food fight would have brought two pop singers together? Certainly, Tiffany never expected this type of movie would unite the women.

“You would think that it would have been musical,” Tiffany says. “We actually never really got to know each other in 25 years. We were a part of each other’s life through the charts and music and the media and our shared fans. The fans have both of our records and they love us both. I wrote a song called Serpentine and Deborah wrote a song called Snake Charmer. We wish we could do something musical together, but we just love these pythons and gators, I’ll tell you that much.”

Still, with food fights and big beasts bonding them, Tiffany is convinced the women are breaking new ground in the sci-fi realm.

“Musically, we were always the first timers in a lot of things,” Tiffany points out. “I did the Mall Tour and she was like the youngest person to write and produce at that time and come out with a top 10 record. We’re used to setting new trends. Maybe this will be a new trend for SyFy.”

Tiffany assures her musical fans that she hasn’t given up on her day job. The singer has a new album coming out next month entitled Rose Tattoo, which is a throwback to her Country Music roots.

“People don’t know that I started in Country Music and I was led into the pop, which I’m very grateful and thankful for,” she states. “But my heart’s desire was always to be a Country singer, kind of a Blues-Country Rocker. The album will be out on the 25th of February. Then I’m going to start out with my band and touring, touring, touring, touring. I’m still rockin’ the house.”

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