Monday, February 7, 2011

Tiffany To Release Country Album, ‘Rose Tattoo’

80s pop singer Tiffany is putting the finishing touches on her new country album, Rose Tattoo.

Speaking about the album, which was recorded in Nashville, TN, Tiffany told OK Magazine: “I’m delivering a new album next month. It’s called Rose Tattoo. It’s very country blues. It’s Bonnie Raitt with a Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe. Musically, I’m diverse now from the group. I’ve winged off into something I’ve wanted to do for 15 years. I’m a rocker at heart. I love country music, started in country music. I’m really just going back to my roots.”

If you are wondering what Tiffany sounds like singing country music, then you are in luck. She recorded a country song, “Serpentine”, for the SyFy Original Movie Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid. I am not sure if the song will be on the album, but it has been released as a single.

Although no release date or track listing for Rose Tattoo has been confirmed, it is believed that it will be released some time next month.

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