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Interview with Mega Python vs Gateroid star, Tiffany Posted on January 29, 2011 by MGDSQUAN

OTE: This interview took place on Friday afternoon. Any mention of the movie Mega Python vs Gateroid is in reference to the premier SATURDAY night, January 29th, 2011 on SyFy.
I had the amazing opportunity today to chat with Tiffany. Yes, Tiffany. You’ll remember her from her hit 1987 single “I Think We’re Alone Now.” She’s been working consistently in the industry since then with new music, Playboy, television spots, reality television, and most recently her foray into horror films. She’s done three horror films to date, one of which will premier tomorrow night on SyFy. Mega Python vs Gateroid will be shown on SyFy Saturday night at 9:00PM and 1:00AM. Tiffany will play one of the lead roles in this new film, which luckily brought her onto our screens and sound waves here at HorrorSociety. You can read the transcript below or listen to it here..

MGD: Hey, this is MGD for HorrorSociety and I’m here with Tiffany, who is actually currently battling the snow in Atlantic City this weekend because she has a concert at the Resorts Casino. She also has a movie premiering on SyFy this weekend titled Mega Python vs Gateroid, which is pretty much why I’m sitting here talking to her. So, how are you doing?
Tiffany: I’m good. I’m so excited about the movie. I can’t wait for it [to come out]. Thank goodness I already went to the premier and saw it because I’m going to, unfortunately, miss the big viewing, the big coming out on television. I’m going to be driving from Atlantic City back to Nashville. So I’m going to miss it, but I had such a blast in New York City going to the premier with Debbie Gibson. We just had a great time.
MGD: Ya know, if you do, well you’re driving to Nashville, I was about to say that they’re re-running it at 1:00AM, but I think you’ll still be in the car.
Tiffany: Oh! I may be able to make it if we really high tail it down the road. Because I drive all over the place, it seems like we get there in a flash because we don’t really pull over and do too much. Just fill up and get back on the road. So it’s possible I will be in my own bed being able to watch it by 1.
MGD: I hope so. I’m probably going to have to watch it at 1 because I’m going to be at work at my dopey little job. So, most people will remember you from your hit song in 1987, “I Think We’re Alone Now.” It was #1 for two weeks and it went 4x platinum. Now, you’ve been making music consistently since then. How do you feel about being most known for that one song? Do you ever get tired of being known for that?
Tiffany: Oh, no. I’m real grateful. It’s a great song and I still love singing it today. Ya know? I think that’s the thing that most comes to mind, that or the mall tours, actually, or my crazy jean jackets. So I think those three things. It is always interesting to me who remembers what. It’s funny. Sometimes there will be a 60-year-old man who comes up and says, “I know you. You’re the girl that wore those jean jackets,” and I’m thinking, “oh ok.” It could be an 18-year-old girl who’s like, “oh my gosh, that song ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ yeah, I remember that,” and I’m thinking, “Well, you weren’t there during the first few of the mall tours.” It keeps me on my toes. I’m very grateful for always having new fans. This year for me is all about getting out there and doing the new music, which is country music. We reworked “I Think We’re Alone Now” a little bit. I don’t ever want [people] to say I messed it up or anything like that because I want to stay true to the actual song. But just made it a little bit more blues, I guess, and I love performing with a live band. That’s actually my favorite way to perform it. So hopefully people will like the new version.
MGD: Right. And the new album is coming out in March, right?
Tiffany: It is. It’s called, Rose Tattoo, and I’m so excited about it. So it will be online and available in March. The actual release date is the 25th of February.
MGD: Oh wow.
Tiffany: We will have a CD release party in Nashville. I’m really excited about that because my band and I will hopefully rock it out.
MGD: I hope so. I know I’m interested. I actually got a copy of “Serpentine,” the song that you did especially for the new movie; and it’s pretty good.
Tiffany: Oh, thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah, it was a great opportunity to be able to put some new music into the movie. Of course they asked us to do something for the movie and when I got on set and after I read the script and everything and realized that it will be great for me because it will lend itself for that kind of bayou, kind of swampy sound.
MGD: Yeah.
Tiffany: My character is a ranger. I’m in the Everglades. All the crazy little rednecks around me, which I had so much fun with all the characters, Zeeke and stuff, as you guys will see tomorrow when you guys tune into Mega Python vs Gateroid. There is so much great comedy in this movie. It’s great. So many great actors. It was really an honor to be on set with everyone and I kept thinking, “Oh yea I could hear some jokes in here for sure.”
MGD: I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I was listening to the song like I had it on repeat like four times while researching for the interview.
Tiffany: Thank you so much.
MGD: I was like this is going to be my jam for the whole weekend. While researching for things you’ve done on TV. You did “The Young and the Restless.” You did “How I Met Your Mother.” “That 80’s Show.” And I remembered you did “Celebrity Fit Club,” which I don’t know what you were thinking. I still think you look good no matter what.
Tiffany: Thank you. I’m a normal woman. I go up and down and up and down. When I’m good, things work out really well for me and so I try to live a little bit. I love to cook and I love to host dinner parties. Being on the road is very erratic and I’m at age 39 now and it’s just not as easy as it was in my 20s. I’m getting back down there again, eating more disciplined, and yeah I yo-yo a lot. That’s why Celebrity Fit Club was so good for me though because I reached my goal and proved to myself that I can do it. And I have no excuses! I always rely on good friends of mine and everyone’s always pretty reachable, which is great because for me it’s a harsh reality, but I do think that people do want to see me at my best. I know my fans do really care and I’m really grateful for that. That gives me a lot of incentive to be my best.
MGD: Alright. You also did Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling. What made you want to wrestle?
Tiffany: I am a tomboy. I love any kind of physical activity, wrestling, I always have. I’m a huge Hulk Hogan fan. My stepfather and I…that was really the only thing we bonded on… wrestling. He used to take me to wrestling matches in Los Angeles at The Forum and on those Friday nights, everything was great. You had good family fun time. I always really loved it. So, being a part of the show was a lot of fun.
MGD: I enjoyed watching it. I wish you went farther.
Tiffany: Me too. I was like, “what?!”
MGD: I think you could have beat up half of those people. I mean, you’re probably friends with them, but still.
Tiffany: Yeah, I was never one of those girls that really fought for fun. Fights get really intense. I was kidding around with my little sister one time and I ended up throwing her into the floor and she was crying and I was like, “it’s just wrestling,” and I was like, “I guess I got a little too into it.” Wrestling’s great.
MGD: Now, just some more information. I’m going to drag us back to Mega Python vs Gateroid because I do work for a horror website. You are, like you said, a park ranger. I read that…are you the one who gives the gaters steroids or are you the one who releases the pythons, because that’s what I read online.
Tiffany: No, Debbie Gibson releases the Python into the Everglades and me, being a park ranger, I’m really concerned about the natural balance of things and watching out for my park. I go a little buzzirk because these pythons come in and start killing off endangered [animals] and people and they actually kill my fiancĂ©. So I go after them a little bit and that’s what leads me to do things with the gaters. I give steroids to the gaters and you get gateroid. And then the fight is on to explain the gaters and the pythons and then it gets out of control. We’re running for our lives and trying to save the situation and make it all better and fix our mistake.
MGD: It sounds like a good time. I saw a [movie] still of you and Debbie [Gibson] wrestling in a cake? At a wedding? Something along those lines.
Tiffany: Actually at a party.
MGD: Oh, ok.
Tiffany: Oh, yeah. The fight is on with Debbie. Our characters can’t stand each other. Which is funny because we like each other, but it’s our characters that are at war.
MGD: On IMDB it says you were a producer for the film.
Tiffany: Yes. Executive producer, yes.
MGD: So, what was that like being behind the scenes a little bit instead of in front of the camera?
Tiffany: It was really great. I don’t think we really threw it down too much with our power. It was nice to have an opinion. It was nice to…Mary Lambert, the director, was so great that I kind of did whatever Mary wants because she was just awesome. I think she’s really the person who made it all happen for us. Brought a lot out of our characters and I was looking at the movie at the premier and going, “this was a good choice Mary Ann, this was a good choice Mary Ann.” She was on it, ya know, and it was an honor to work with her. The thing for me, being a producer I had a say if I needed to more than an actor. She was able to say, “Let’s do a couple things and we’ll do it and it’ll look this way.”
It’s a cheesy, campy movie – let’s get real, but we wanted the best campy movie. [Mega Python vs Gateroid] has a low budget kind of look and I think that Mary [Lambert] really made things pop. It’s all CGI. Sometimes those things look not the best, but I think she really pulled out the stops.
MGD: You were also in another giant, I guess, animal film on SyFy in 2010, Mega Piranha, which is out on DVD and also the highest rated movie for Syfy channel in 2010. What was that like?
Tiffany: That was great. It was my first venture into the scifi world and I’m so thankful for the scifi fans. Being able to be doing this was really just a dream come true for me and I’m having a blast doing it. I think that Mega Python vs Gateroid vs Mega Piranha…[interference]…on Mega Piranha they also did a good job. There were a few things that we went, “really?” I think it makes a different in budget. I think it makes a difference, and these are definitely things I’m learning. Given the opportunity to do these things a little more, [I’ll learn]. I think that’s what happened with Mega Python [vs Gateroid]. I was much happier with the CGI stuff, happier with the script and the character. Mega Python was my first time out… I mean Mega Piranha. Sorry, there’s a lot of Mega’s.
MGD: I know. I know you’re busy, so I’m going to let you go. But I’m going to end the intervierw, since I have editing software, I will leave a clip of “Serpentine” at the end so hopefully new fans can hear it and will go out and buy it.
Tiffany: That would be awesome. Thank you. I appreciate it very much. New music. New music. New music. So excited about it, and I do really hope people enjoy the new sound.
MGD: I really just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to talk to me. I really appreciate it.
Tiffany. Cool. Well, thank you for your time.
MGD: Good luck with everything this weekend. Good luck with your concert.
Tiffany: Stay dry, out of this cold weather.
MGD: I know, it’s supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow.
Tiffany: Yeah, it’s happening here so I’m like uuugghh, really? You guys take care and I will talk to you soon, hopefully.
MGD: Alright, maybe we’ll do a follow up interview sometime.
Tiffany: Cool. I would love that. Thank you very much.
MGD: Thank you. Bye.
Tiffany: Bye.
There you have it, folks. Remember to tune in SATURDAY (1/29) night at 9:00PM and Sunday morning at 1:00AM to catch the SyFy network premier of Mega Python vs Gateroid. Also, Tiffany’s new single “Serpentine,” is available on,, and itunes! Make sure you go check it out! Thanks again, Tiffany. It was a pleasure to speak with you.

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