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Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Tiffany Interview By Rachelle

Former teen idol Tiffany is back in an all new Syfy channel movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. She teams up with another 80’s singing sensation Debbie Gibson. Learn more about the film and the all grown up Tiffany. There are pictures and an old school video for you to check out too.

She was famous for her mall tours back in the day but now you can see her on the small screen in the made for television movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. The other day I was a part of a Q&A interview with Tiffany where we got to chat about her life, the movie and being in the public eye.

Q. Can you talk about what it’s been like after all these years to still be connected to Debbie Gibson and now be doing a movie together?
A. I think it’s great. I think it’s something that our fans have waited for a long time. I mean the funny thing to me is who would’ve thought that pythons and gators would unite us. It’s a great movie that I truly enjoyed making. It was awesome for me to be able to get to know Debbie more because we’ve really never had a chance to sit and talk. So I think that was one of the perks of being able to work with each other on this movie.

Q. Would you ever want to do a musical tour with Debbie?
A. Right now musically I’m headed into a country direction. I’ve got a new album coming out next month called Rose Tattoo. It’s a total different sound than obviously I Think We’re Alone Now on the pop stuff. I haven’t abandoned that but I kind of put that into the new sound as well. So I think if it’s for the right reason and it shines a bright light on it, it would be a great thing. Again going back to the fans, I think that they deserve it and they would appreciate it but it can’t take away from what we’re doing currently now. It has to be something that embraces that as well.

Q. Was the media scrutiny as intense when you were teenagers as it is today?
A. I don’t think it was as intense with the paparazzi. Two things, I think for us being the child stars girl next-door it wasn’t acceptable at that time to be out of control. I mean that really would’ve been a career ender. I think we both knew that and respected it. We weren’t those types of people. I know for myself singing was my high. I just loved what I was doing. I wasn’t looking to deter from that. Now I think it is a little different because it’s more about being seen, going to parties and clubs. Teen artists now have a lot more deterrence and a lot more leeway of what’s acceptable. You really have to kind of be your own kind of consultant on that because I think that sometimes they’re led astray at this point. But for me there wasn’t paparazzi on every corner. I still had safety zones. My home was off limits. I could do things where there wasn’t somebody always there. Now somebody snaps a picture of you with their iPhone and it’s everywhere. It’s a different time.

Q. Would you be interested in doing live theater, musical theater, or acting of some sort?
A. I would love to do something on Broadway. I’ve seen Deborah twice on Broadway and she’s amazing. It’s funny because I always bring my son and he never comes to anything I do but he’ll go to see Debbie Gibson. Broadway that’s definitely something I would love to do. I’m going to be seeking that out. Musically again, I’m doing the new album this year and doing a lot of touring off of that. I have a lot of goals and dreams and things that I want to do, including continue in the acting world. I’d love to do more Syfy. I’m just really such a fan and there’s just so much more that I’m addicted so there’s no stopping me.

Q. You were a star when you were young. Can you somewhat relate to Justin Bieber and his success right now in some ways?
A. Oh definitely. I mean, for me I was having the time of my life. It looks like he is as well, he’s actually one of my favorite young stars right now. I just love watching him because he does look like he’s having the time of his life. There’s something that I guess for myself that if I could go back I would’ve changed but it was a different time. When Deborah and I were coming out I think a lot of people wanted to discredit our talents. They wanted to say well, there’s the whole Wizard of Oz thing. There’s somebody behind the magic curtain that’s producing your vocals and you can’t really sing and you’re really not as talented and you don’t have a mind of where you really want to be. I think with Justin Bieber when I watch him he’s getting to be this great entertainer and also a kid and has fun with it. He doesn’t have to worry about having the right answer or having to sing everything so perfectly. He is getting to have a chance to own his success and also grow up at the same time which is wonderful.

Q. You are very well liked and you’ve avoided major controversies. Is that more difficult when you are so well liked, is there more pressure to not disappoint your fans?
A. Well I think, for me it’s always been my fans have grown up. I mean it’s always great when I have somebody who’s 18 and comes up and rediscovers I Think We’re Alone Now and me for whatever reason maybe Fit Club and now Syfy that’s always great. But the hard-core fan who has been with me since the Mall Tour days, that girl that bought the first jean jacket or the first Tiffany album she’s now married with kids or has had divorces or is a full-time workaholic like me. There is so much more to bond with that person. So anything that I choose to do I think that it may not be of their liking but they get it. I’m so grateful for my fans for allowing me to do those kinds of things. It’s kind of like we’re all growing, we’re all changing. Doing Playboy a lot of people were like, well that’s not the way I see you and there’s just some issues with that. But as I explain myself as an adult woman and isn’t this awesome and I’m with a great bunch of women who’ve graced the cover of Playboy and what an honor really as a woman. There’s a lot of women that by the end of the conversation go well I have to be honest with you I mean I wouldn’t do it but I get it. That is pretty fabulous.

Q. Who are your biggest inspirations and who would you want to work with?
A. I look up to Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, people that have had quite the years but they’re always creating. Emmylou Harris which now I’m moving to Nashville and actually her bass player Chris Donahue just produced my latest single so I have an in that seems to be somewhat hopeful which I’m over the moon about. Tina Marie was somebody that I really was inspired by and cried so much when she passed away just recently. I would love to work with Bono, he’s one of my favorites. The U2 sound is something that’s so unique and I think he’s just an awesome person as well. I would love to work with Robert Plant as well. Rob Thomas too, he’s a pal of mine and someone I admire. I’d love to write and/or do a duet with him. I don’t even think I’ve said it to him so putting it out there.

Q. Is there any special preparations that you had to do for the role in Mega Python versus Gatoroid?
A. I handled a baby alligator but that was just because I thought it was cool really. There wasn’t some kind of method that I was going through to prepare for my role unfortunately. I just kind of jumped in, both feet on the ground. Again, I’m a huge Syfy fan and now I’m kind of addicted. So I just showed up ready to work. I was thrilled when they had chosen Mary Lambert as the Director because I’m a huge fan. Syfy is awesome to work with. They’re great people. Working with Asylum the production company, I did Mega Python and I did Piranha with them. They’re kind of like extended family at this point. It was just showing up going what are we going to do today.

Q. Did I hear you have a tour coming up?
A. Actually this year I’ll be doing a lot more touring with my band. I’ve always loved the track shows. I always listen to the fans. I went onto this whole dance journey for the last probably ten years and I enjoyed every bit of it. But I feel I shine more with a full band and doing the new music which again is something that I’ve been on a journey to do for about 15 years now. This is really my coming-out party of where I feel I belong and this is the year to go out and make it all happen. It’s all going to be live country music. I’ve got it my own way country blues still with that rock type.

Q. What was the most memorable part of filming this movie?
A. As an actress probably my breakdown crying scene. I wanted to kind of get that right and I wanted to use real tears. I wanted to really go there. I mean yes it’s Syfy and that wasn’t really something that was maybe required at that time. But I came wanting to learn. I mean acting is something I want to do more of. I know people aren’t looking at this maybe going, I can see a vision for her. But for me I wanted to know that I could do it. There was a part there where my fiance dies. I took a minute and I said just let me go there for a second because I don’t want people to throw something in my eyes and make me cry. I was very proud of myself that I could.

Q. What was your favorite part or scene of working on this movie?
A. It was the catfight scene when we did the slap and we had this dialogue and stuff. That was my first time really working with Debbie and that was my first day on set. I kind of came in with all these people and then we had to like smack it down right away and do this fake slap and tell each other off. The momentum leading up to that and how we accomplished it was so much fun for me. I got more comfortable along the way as the days progressed. But so that was my favorite.

It was so cool getting the chance to interview Tiffany. She was one of my faves growing up and it was great to discover more about her all these years later. Make sure to check out her new film Mega Python vs. Gatoroid and enjoy the below pictures and video.

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