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Tiffany Album Review: "Rose Tattoo" Jun 18, 2011Markos Papadatos

A review of former teen sensation Tiffany's eighth album "Rose Tattoo," feauturing the lead single "Feel the Music." It marks her debut in country music.
Tiffany’s eighth studio album “Rose Tattoo,” produced by Chris Roberts, was released on March 1, 2011, via her record label, Only The Girl Inc. Productions. It marks her debut effort in the country music scene.

Background on Tiffany
According to the Biography section of her official website, Tiffany has been influenced musically by such country women as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette.

A former teen pop sensation, Tiffany has scored two chart-topping songs in the late 1980s on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, including “Could’ve Been” and her signature hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.” To date, she has sold over fifteen million records.

"Rose Tattoo"
With the exception of “Love You Good,” all of the songs on “Rose Tattoo” were co-written by Tiffany.

The lead-off single is “Feel the Music,” in which she showcases her country-rock side. It’s followed by the up-tempo tune “Crazy Girls,” in which she collaborates with fellow songwriter Lindsay Lawler. In the song’s lyrics they pay tribute to Thelma and Louise.

Prime Cuts
The highlight song on the album is the bittersweet ballad “He Won’t Miss Me,” which tackles divorce. She handles its subject matter with much vulnerability and sentimentalism. Her dynamic performance on this tune is reminiscent to the vocals of such country songstresses as Trisha Yearwood and Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland. It would make a stellar choice as a future radio single.

It’s followed by an equally stunning ballad “All Over You,” in which she showcases her soaring range.

The album’s eighth and final track “Just That Girl,” sums up what Tiffany is all about: a strong woman that has learned to live with her mistakes, as well as somebody that stays true to herself.

The Verdict
In summation, there are no filler tracks on “Rose Tattoo,” and it is evident that Tiffany has recorded an honest and warm album that many listeners can relate to.

When it comes to powerhouse vocals, Tiffany’s voice has no boundaries. Whether it is pop, rock, dance or country, Tiffany can excel in any genre of music.

The only downside to this album is that contains only eight songs, leaving the listener thirsty for more.

Her newest album “Rose Tattoo” is a must for any fan of Tiffany’s, or anybody interested in listening to a refreshing album that’s written and performed straight from the heart.

It is a real treat to hear Tiffany perform songs in the genre that has influenced her the most. It is safe to say that she has found her home in Nashville.

For more information on Tiffany’s music and latest CD, please visit her official website.

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