Saturday, July 23, 2011

Music Reviews by Today's Country (Tiffany's Rose Tattoo album)


the 1980’s when the MTV generation was in full swing, teen pop became a very hot commodity to the music business as the appearance of music video’s helped sell records. For young teen pop sensation Tiffany she combined her cuteness with mall tours, releases like “I Think We’re Alone Now” and the use of music videos to sell plenty of albums. However, it was a little known fact at the time that Tiffany had a background in country music. Fast forward to 2011, where Tiffany has returned to her roots releasing her debut country music album Rose Tattoo. There is no denying her powerful voice throughout this 8 song release as it carries the majority of the songs whether it be an up-tempo rocker like the album opener “Feel The Music” or the ballad side of things with songs like “He Won’t Miss Me” and “All Over You.” While everybody seemingly wants to make a country album these days at some point in their career, the fact of the matter is that it takes more than wanting to make one. Tiffany grew up singing country and it shows on this release. Her vocals are cut out for this kind of music that relies heavily on them to deliver a well-crafted and emotional lyric over half of the time. Though she most likely will get overlooked by the mainstream, due to the pop background and narrow-mindedness that exists these days, don’t make the same mistake. This is an 8-song release that is well worth giving a spin to and will most likely leave you wanting to hear a bit more when it comes to an end.

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