Thursday, April 21, 2011

'Glee' Confuses Debbie Gibson For Tiffany

Monday's "Glee" included an '80s teen idol mix-up, a snafu over which Debbie Gibson is maintaining her sense of humor.
Guest star Gwyneth Paltrow, playing substitute teacher Holly Holiday, was speaking to a group of students about making fun of each other when she confused Debbie for fellow pop star Tiffany.
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"I spent 3 years sending hate mail to Debbie Gibson until she wrote me back and said, 'The stress of my letters was giving her alopecia,' and then I felt terrible cause I realized it was just my jealousy that she could fill a mall with adoring fans," Gwyneth's character said.

Access Hollywood checked in with Debbie following the episode, who said she wasn't surprised that the hit FOX comedy confused her for her mall-loving counterpart.
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"Of course I played the clubs and Tiffany played the malls so all these years later they are still confusing us! LOL! But, when it comes to 'Glee' and Gwyneth any press is good press!" Debbie told Access in an e-mail message. "Now all we need is a 'Glee' 'Electric Youth' episode! Right?!?"
The duo, which recently starred together in SyFy's made-for-TV movie "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid," are hitting the road together this summer.
"That's why we're touring together," she added. "To prove we are indeed different people!"
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