Sunday, September 11, 2016

Review: Tiffany exceptional on latest studio album 'A Million Miles' SPECIAL

Former teen queen Tiffany is back with her latest studio album, "A Million Miles," and it is a solid collection of songs.

Her latest studio offering opens with the mid-tempo "Cry," and it is followed by the piano-driven ballad, "History," where she is able the high notes effortlessly. The title track "A Million Miles" is a melancholic tune that really tugs at the heartstrings.
"Fall Again" is a well-written song from an acoustic standpoint. "Right Here" is the album's strong lead-off single. The melodically and lyrically infectious "Daddy's Girl" is one of those songs that will certainly put a smile on one's face.
She picks up the pace with the mid-tempo "Waking up for the First Time," and the female narrator admits that she can't get over a prior romance in "Get Over You." It closes with the slow-moving ballad "Lady and Her Man" and the poignant yet poetic "Tears."
A Million Miles is available on Amazon.
The Verdict
Overall, Tiffany is back stronger than ever on A Million Miles. She is not afraid to display her vulnerability as a recording artist, and it shows. Tiffany is such an underrated female vocalist and this new record deserves more than just a passing glance. This album garners an A rating.
For more information on multi-platinum-selling musician Tiffany and her new album, check out her official website.
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