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Tiffany - A Million Miles

April 1, 2016

Whenever Tiffany releases a new album, it's like a little holiday that has me jamming to the album on repeat all week. However, the last time Tiffany released an album (2011's Rose Tattoo), I wasn't a stay-at-home dad hoping that my kids could play quietly as I celebrated in the corner of the sofa. Needless to say, a war for my earbuds began as soon as I started listening to Tiffany's latest album, A Million Miles - a war that I lost.

Yes - my 2 year-old son got to listen to the new Tiffany album before I did (when it was over, he looked at me and said, "Done!").

I tried to concentrate on the album throughout the day while giving baths, cleaning toys, playing at the park and making dinner, but everything kept me from being able to dive deep into the new music. It wasn't until everyone was asleep that I could finally give the new album an appreciative listen.

A new Tiffany album guarantees raw emotion and honesty through songwriting - whether reflecting on marriage and a spotlight hiatus on 2000's The Color of Silence; celebrating new love on 2005's Dust Off and Dance; finding comfort in her own songwriting skin with 2007's Just Me; and a return to Nashville and country roots on Rose Tattoo. Each album has reflected where Tiffany is at that point in time and have resonated with listeners because of the singer/songwriter's honesty of life's joys and struggles.  

What sets A Million Miles apart from the others is the sound. After four albums, each dabbling in different sonic landscapes (alt pop/rock, dance, AC, country), Tiffany's sound is a collage of all these mixed with her signature phrasing and melodies - and of course, her powerhouse vocals.  I think that Tiffany really wanted to showcase her voice on this album, and she succeeds, but knowing that she co-produced the album alongside producer, Stephen Leiweke (Michael W. Smith, Ingrid Michaelson) - she also cemented her sound as a songwriter. It's also her strongest set since The Color of Silence.

The album begins with the up-tempo and human catharsis inspiring, 'Cry' that begins with the singer reflecting on dishonesty before splashing into a new-wavy chorus that encourages listeners to let go and move on.  After that, we get into the meat of things and by that, I mean - we get some new classics.

I wish that I could just paste all of the lyrics to 'History,' where Tiffany's growth as a lyricist is completely stunning: It's a battlefield of scars/Outnumbering the stars/Weighing heavy on my heart/Just a ghost of who we are/There was a time we fell in love/And us in love was just enough. And drawing out the note on the last lyric is just icing on the cake. Tell it, Tiffany.

Tiffany experienced a lot of loss in the five years between releasing new music, making grief and loss one of the major lyrical themes of A Million Miles. On the title-track, co-written with Ellen Shipley (Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven is a Place on Earth') she reflects on life without her late cousin who played a major role in keeping the singer grounded and stable throughout her life. On 'Daddy's Girl,' Tiffany reflects on her relationship with her late father, with lyrics: Well he never tucked me in at night/No 'Goodnight Moon' no lullabies/No 'Don't you let the bedbugs bite'/and I'd lie awake til the morning light/Had I been all lace and curls/His babydoll in a string of pearls/It wouldn't have been such a big old world/If I'd have been a Daddy's Girl. It's a very touching tribute reminiscent of Silence highlight, 'If Only.'

Another theme on A Million Miles is finding peace and comfort in the marriage that she's in with the mid-tempo first single,'Right Here,' where she acknowledges her husband's strong and steady love for her: Safe, cause you know me/Home, when you hold me/Never doubt that you're gonna stay/Love how you love me all the way/You've been right here, right here the whole time/You've been right here, right here by my side/All my ups and downs and tears I've cried/You've been loving me right/You've been loving me right/The whole time.

Tiffany touches back on the past with, "Waking Up for the First Time" realizing that she's been through a lot in her 44 years. She's been a pop star, she lost love, she found love, she raised her son, she lost loved ones - and now that she can step back from those roles, she can finally focus on Tiffany - the person. It's an important song in that it is admirable that after being on her journey, she's been able to stay herself through it all - and keeping with the theme of the album - her family, her friends and her music has helped her to do that.

The album closes with 'Tears,' a heartfelt ballad that cumulates all of the loss she's experienced, whether it's the loss of loved ones or opportunities not taken.  Yet a sense of closure envelopes the song, reminding us that there will be a time when memories can been be looked at with a smile.

 There's a video of Tiffany listening to a playback of the track in the studio where she looks into the camera, a proud smile on her face - as if she's hearing it for the first time - whispering, "I Love It!"

Me too Tiffany. Me too.



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