Saturday, June 23, 2012


Justin Bieber dropped his highly anticipated "Believe" album this week. 
Now that he's eighteen, The Bieb is attempting the precarious segue into adult stardom, with a sultry stare and more mature lyrical content. Little girls still mob him wherever he goes, but will it last? Or will they tire of him?
Here's a look at some teens stars of the past and how they fared.


Then: Teen pop sensation Tiffany had a smash hit with a cover of of Tommy James and the Shondells' ''I Think We're Alone Now'' in 1987, another No. 1 with ''Could've Been,'' and a top ten hit with Beatles cover ''I Saw Him Standing There.''
Now: Since her massive star faded, Tiffany, now 40, has continued to release music, posed for Playboy and appeared on television, including in the Syfy movie ''Mega Python vs. Gatoroid,'' in 2011, alongside contemporary/former rival Debbie Gibson. The two also toured together last year.

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