Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recording w/ 80's Teen Pop Princess... TIFFANY

Recording with 80s Teen Pop Princess... TIFFANY
Growing up in the 80s, TIFFANY was a house hold name. Every girl and boy knew who she was with hits like "I Think Were Alone Now" and "Couldve Been".

I am happy to say that I had another childhood dream come true. After several meeting with TIFFANY, the recording process has begun. I wrote a song that TIFFANY and I are recording together. TIFFANY did her vocals today and I am in awww. She blew the song right out the park. I was speachless and still am !

I am not going to reveal what the song title is or what the song is about right now, but I can tell you is its a song for Dance City and its also kinda controversial. If you are a fan of my music then you know what I am about and I actually talked TIFFANY into doing a song with my vision and she accepted. It may also be the last dance track you hear from Tiffany in awhile as she told me she now needs to focus more on her country music as she has a country album coming out in 2011 and people in Nashville tend to talk if people say one thing and do another.

But of course much love to TIFFANY for coming through on this song with me.

It will be featured on my upcoming album.

Stay Tuned!

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